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We got our hands on the smell-proof designer cannabis storage bag by Erbanna for review. Our expert fully ran this bag through real world trials.

About Erbanna

Erbanna CBD Coupon Codes

Shop high-quality stash bags at Erbanna. Use our daily verified Erbanna coupons and promo codes at checkout for exclusive deals.

Yes, ganja may have the loveliest smell of all herbs, but it doesn’t mean you should walk around smelling skunky. The guys and gals at Erbanna have been looked down upon for smelling like pot simply because their vape pens leaked all over the inside of their bags. So, to remedy this problem, Erbanna was created to allow you, classy herb enthusiast, to carry your green in a stylish smell-proof bag that will not only keep your pot under wraps but also make you look “oh so good.”

Erbanna has more than stash bags to keep your herb discreet. They also have Vape Cases, All in Ones, and Glass Containers for both ladies and gentlemen. In addition, the brand collaborates with artists of all kinds to create unique items. Their “Valley of Shadow” Glass Pouch by Drake Arnold is an instant classic that will undoubtedly become a collectible in no time.

Popular Erbanna Products

Whether you’re a vape fanatic, flower lover, or edible diehard, Erbanna has the right stash bag for you. All their bags have unique features that can be used in myriad ways. The Emily French Noir Comic bag is a tiny smell-proof stash bag that you can place into your regular flap bag or backpack and stash a container, pipe, and lighter.

Another bestseller is the KAM all-in-one bag. It comes with a crossbody and wrist strap and has tons of nifty compartments to carry your herb, vape, blunts, and more. You can even make this one your everyday bag or night out bag; it has enough room to stash your lipstick, phone, credit cards, and more. Find and order your new stash bag with our verified Erbanna discount codes to enjoy massive savings.

Featured Erbanna Product

Erbanna CBD Coupon Maxwell B Living Mayan Style Pouch
Maxwell B. Living – Mayan Style Pouch

Keep your glass safe with this elegant pouch. It features extra padding to protect your glass pipe or container from shattering in case of a fall. Accidents happen, after all. The Mayan Style Pouch is made with durable fabric that will withstand the test of time, and it’s washable so you can keep it fresh.

If you’re an avid pipe smoker, it’s time you stopped carrying your glass in makeshift containers and gave it the respect it deserves. Be sure to use our verified Erbanna coupon codes at checkout to get a killer deal.

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More than a brand that makes dope stash bags, Erbanna is active in the cannabis space. Check out their blog for interesting articles that will teach you a thing or two about what you should do with your herb.

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