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How Does It Work?


The CBD Pillow is infused with patented micro-encapsulation technology that embeds millions of CBD microcapsules into your pillow. Unlike topicals or edibles, our CBD Pillow slow releases microdoses of CBD all night.

Friction causes the capsules to burst, slowly releasing the CBD. The CBD is then absorbed directly through your hair follicles & skin to help regulate your sleep evenly throughout the night. The result is a relaxing calm so you sleep better.

CBD Pillow Coupons Best Inovative Product


Most Innovative CBD Product

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Crafted Just for You

Everyone deserves to experience the calming benefits of CBD in a safe, natural way. Everyone also deserves hand-crafted comfort. Our pillows are made in the U.S.A., hypoallergenic, have a supportive gel memory foam core, and come with a 10 year craftsmanship guarantee. Did we mention you can customize the firmness of your CBD Pillow? This is really the best pillow ever.

CBD Pillow Coupons Crafted Just For You



If you don’t have the most relaxing, rejuvenating sleep you’ve ever had, return your CBD Pillow for a full refund, guaranteed.

Farmed In Colorado

Manufactured In California

CBD Pillow Coupons Manufactured In California


About Us

CBD Pillow is a family-owned company based in Southern California.
All of our materials are hand-sourced and made in the USA,
from farm to pillow, in our own factory.

Your Best Night’s Sleep, Guaranteed.

CBD Pillow Coupons 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
CBD Pillow Coupons Sleep Better

We promise that you’ll sleep better after 2 weeks of using the CBD Pillow.
If you don’t agree, let us know and we’ll give you your money back in full. View our 30 day return policy.


America Needs More Sleep

CBD Pillow Coupons America Need More Sleep

Everyone knows that deep sleep is necessary for our physical and mental health. But we were shocked to learn that up to 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from a sleeping disorder.

We knew there had to be a better, safer, natural way to sleep. So we dedicated ourselves to finding the answer.


It Began with a Search

CBD Pillow Coupons Miraculous Benefits Of Product

We knew there was a way to help people get the rest they so desperately need. Something natural & safe, with no groggy after-effects that sleeping pills or medicine had. Something that would leave you feeling invigorated, and truly give you the most restful sleep you’ve ever experienced. And then we discovered the miraculous benefits of CBD.

CBD Pillow Coupon Code Giving Information

We’ve found a new way to help people. To introduce people who were curious about the benefits of CBD, but who don’t know where to begin, to a safe, easy way to experience CBD and see first hand how it can help them.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality CBD, in the easiest, safest, least intrusive way,
so that everyone can experience the relaxing benefits of CBD.

CBD Pillow Coupon Code Micro Encapsulation Technology


The CBD Pillow

The CBD Pillow was the ultimate answer. We designed the CBD Pillow using micro-encapsulation technology. This new patented process allows us to inject millions of micro-capsules of CBD into an incredibly comfortable pillow that release micro doses of CBD all night while you sleep.

Have we mentioned that the CBD Pillow also happens to be the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own?

So How Does It Work?

Friction causes the capsules in the pillow to burst & slowly release CBD. You absorb the CBD through your skin & hair follicles, and within minutes you should feel the effect.

When making our first prototypes, we felt our anxiety drop, our body relax, and minutes later we began to drift off into a deep and sound sleep. That’s when we knew we had it. As a bonus, the slow release technology is designed so you sleep soundly throughout the night.

We’re so proud of our CBD Pillow that we offer everyone a RISK-FREE 30-day money back guarantee.

CBD Pillow Coupon Code Capsules Working

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