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15% Off Sitewide at CBD Pet! Pure CBD oil for your pets.

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Thinking of CBD for your pet, read our hands on review of the CBD Pet oil. See how it worked for our pets and also get coupon codes to save.

About CBD Pet

Save Money, CBD PET Coupon Code


CBDPet helps pets suffering from declining health, including physical, mental and behavioral concerns.

Non-Psychoactive, Organic and Safe!

CBD Pure oil guaranteed coupon code discount.


We believe our CBD oil is the highest quality you can buy for your furry companion and that’s why we back CBDPet with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

CBD Pure oil is organic get coupon codes here.

100% Organic

Our hemp oil is made with only certified organic hemp grown in Denmark.


CBD pure oil is tested. Get coupon codes here.

Third Party Tested

Every bottle of CBDPet has been tested by an independent third party lab to make sure your pet has the best CBD oil possible.


Guaranteed CBD Pure oil coupon codes and discounts.


Join thousands of satisfied pet owners worldwide and see for yourself what CBDPet can do for your furry companion’s overall well-being.



What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 80 cannabinoid extracts found in the hemp plant and is non-psychoactive; meaning, it cannot produce a “high.” It is a natural, plant-based compound that is non-toxic. CBD shows promise in supporting:


  • Neurology & Cognitive Function
  • Immunity & Allergy Systems
  • Hip & Joint Mobility
  • Relaxation & Comfort
  • Everyday Health & Wellness

The Science Behind CBDPet



CBDPet & Your Pet

CBDPet is easy to use! Simply add it to your pet’s food to help give their health and wellbeing a general “boost.” Pet owners from around the world are thankful for the many benefits CBDPet provides. Each daily serving of CBDPet Hemp Oil delivers 3.3 mg of cannabidiol in an organic hemp oil form.

CBDPet has many therapeutic benefits. CBDPet may help your pet feel more relaxed which, in turn, helps pets with aggression issues, self-trauma, cognitive problems, excessive vocalization and urination/marking problems. CBDPet may also provide therapeutic benefits in older pets that are starting to experience declining mobility. Some pet owners have reported using CBDPet to help with the effects of epileptic seizures.

Success Stories

Discover what happy pet owners have to say about CBDPet

“Daisy, my rescued Chihuahua, severely suffered from past trauma. I tried different natural remedies, but it wasn’t until I added CBDPet to her daily routine that I noticed a huge difference. She has stopped shaking, is very calm, and we have now had the chance to bond more” – David (Portland, OR)

“CBDPet has been just what Jackson needed. He was aggressive and had behavioral issues that have now been corrected. Within a week, I could already notice a huge difference in him. I was surprised considering he is 15 years old and set in his ways. Thank you, CBDPet!”- Kathleen (Sedona, AZ)

“When Rosie started having epileptic seizures, it added a big scare to my family’s lives. She is like another one of my children and I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, my friend Anita told me to try CBD oil and it’s been like a miracle for us. I love that I’m giving her something natural too” – Stella (Knoxville, TN)

“I’ve been a veterinarian for over 15 years and CBD oil has been a blessing for my patients and for my own family. I trust CBDPet as being the highest quality on the market and it has tremendously helped our family cat, Max, with his battle with feline leukemia”- Dr. Annie (Austin, TX)

Safe and Effective

CBDPet products are trusted by holistic health professionals and by health conscience pet owners everywhere. Our products have been made using the purest, highest quality ingredients and backed by the wisdom and principles of time-honored herbal remedies.

  • What Is CBDPet?

CBDPet contains concentrated cannabidiol (CBD) oil which has been CO2 extracted from certified non-GMO organic hemp that is free of pesticides and herbicides. Our CBD oil is the highest grade available and is easy to administer, safe to use and comes 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Each daily serving of CBDPet delivers 3.3 mg of cannabidiol.

CBDPet is 100% legal and safe for your pet to consume. Every batch of CBDPet is tested by a third party lab to make sure the concentration of active cannabinoids is consistent and there are no harmful chemicals or pathogens that could harm your pet.

CBDPet follows strict manufacturing guidelines as well as stringent quality control protocols necessary to provide the highest quality CBD product available on the market. Your pet deserves the best and CBDPet ensures our product meets the purity standards and quality you demand.

How CBDPet Works?

CBDPet contains naturally occurring Cannabidiol (CBD). This hemp plant derivative stimulates your pet’s cannabinoid receptors which support every major organ via the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This helps to restore normal balance and physiologic homeostasis to your pet. The ECS is a central regulatory system found throughout the body of all mammals. It is an important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining health.

To maximize therapeutic effect, CBDPet comes in a convenient, easy to use hemp oil, which can be added to your pet’s food easily. CBDPet has been thoroughly third-party tested so that you can rest at ease knowing it is 100% safe and healthy for your pet.

CBDPet is 100% legal, 100% natural, non-addictive, non-toxic and non-psychoactive.

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