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CBD Genesis Coupon Code - Online Discount - Save On Cannabis

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AndHemp CBD Hot Spot Spray for Pets 250mg


Active CBD Oil Pet Tincture 120mg – Bacon flavored


KOI CBD Dog Treats Soft Chews


CBDfx Massage Oil 150mg – Rejuvediol (200mL)


Cannatera Refresh – CBD Facial Cleanser 200mg (120mL)


Nirvana CBD Roll On (150mg)


Koi CBD Bath Bombs

$13.99 - $39.99

Allo – CBD Hydra Serum (100mg)


CBD For Life Face & Body Cleanser




Bean & Bud by Allo – French Vanilla Coffee Booster (600mg)


Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBD Wax Concentrate


ECOGELS™ 30ct Bottle


Knockout CBD Tropical Punch Gummies 10ct 100mg


Tyson Ranch CBD Fruit Drops Hard Candies (10 Pack)


Hemp Roll Your Own Kit


Erth Hemp CBD Flower (Eigth)


Blue Moon CBD Flower

$17.00 - $99.00

The Helping Friendly Herbal Extract Tincture – Strawberry 1000MG (30mL)


GRN CBD Full Spectrum Tincture – Mango


Dray Dry Herb Vaporizer (Rasta Limited Edition)


FTP CBD Vape Pods – X2 Uncut

$54.99 - $74.99

The Helping Friendly Herbal Extract Salve – Cooling


Active CBD oil Roll on – 500mg


CBD For Life Face Time Trio


Swiss Relief CBD Gel Caps

$69.00 - $129.00

Kush Cake

$14.99 - $139.99

Pinnacle Hemp – Pre Rolls (Terepene Enhanced Flower)


The Helping Friendly Herbal Extract Tincture – Original 500mg (15mL)


Flan – CBD Total Eclipse 1000mg


Ki Pod Device


TruBlu Bluefin Tuna – CBD Cat Tincture 250mg


CBD For Life Bath Bomb Combo Pack


Erth Hemp CBD Massage Oil – Spa Original 250mg


Pinnacle Hemp – Sugar Scrub


CBD For Life Eye Serum


Active CBD Performance Patch – 60mg


CBDistillery CBD Isolate Slab from Hemp (1g)


CBD Capsules Ecocaps 2 Pack


Active CBD Oil – Dark Chocolate


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Save Money, CBD GENESIS Coupon Code

CBD Genesis Coupon Code - Online Discount - Save On Cannabis
CBD Genesis Coupon Code - Online Discount - Save On Cannabis
CBD Genesis Coupon Code - Online Discount - Save On Cannabis

What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a natural component of the hemp plant and an alternative to THC. CBD is used in CBD oil and other products which may help you relax and reduce anxiety or pain.

CBD Genesis Coupon Code - Online Discount - Save On Cannabis
While CBD is a part of the cannabis plant, it is legal to consume yet provides beneficial effects instead of the harmful effects of THC (Marijuana). It affects different parts of the brain and creates a soothing and relaxing effect that is completely safe and natural. CBD has been shown to negate the effects of THC and it is impossible to get “high” off of CBD.
CBD oil can be put into your vaporizer directly onto the coil, or mixed with your favorite e-liquids either in your tank or into the e-liquid bottle.
What makes CBD perhaps the best form of all-around medication in the world today is its true versatility – it’s available in so many different forms, that everybody can find one that works and delivers the effects in the way they want them.
CBD Genesis Coupon Codes - Hemp Online

Vaping CBD

The most popular way of getting CBD into your system is by vaping it, purely because it takes effect almost instantly and you can easily adjust the strength of your dose. The CBD e-liquid market is huge, with many companies getting in on the act, developing flavored products – from sweet to savory – so that taking CBD is fun rather than a chore. CBD e-juice can also be mixed in with your other favorite e-liquids, such as nicotine-based ones, making your self-medication process that little bit more efficient.

If you find yourself using a lot of CBD, the more severe the pain the stronger the dose you will take, then you may want to buy CBD e-liquid wholesale. Buying in bulk proves to be a much cheaper method in the long-run than purchasing CBD in small batches. If you’re looking to buy CBD online, then this site has everything you could ever need, so do browse through our products.

Should vaping be your preferred to way to take CBD, then you’re going to need a good CBD vape pen to do so. There are a number of superb vape pens and other vaporizing devices around nowadays that are compatible with CBD e-liquids.

CBD Drip products are some of our best-sellers and these contain varying strengths of CBD, enabling you to experiment and pinpoint the exact type of response that you want.

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E-Liquid vs. Vape Oil

The days of smoking being cool are long gone but vaping is firmly taking its place. Vaping lets people get the hit they desire from their tobacco or chosen herb, but without the damaging side effects. The vaporizer merely “cooks” the tobacco or herb instead of burning it, preventing carcinogens from being emitted and transported into your lungs. Furthermore, vaporizers are far less intrusive than joints or bowls. There’s no pungent, off-putting smell, allowing you to vape pretty much anywhere. Moreover, these small nifty devices are portable and quick to work.

There’s a lot of terminology surrounding vaping, particularly between vape oils and e-liquids. Many often confuse the two or think that they are the same, but they are actually rather different.

E-liquids are specially made “juices” for vaporizing purposes. These juices contain nicotine, CBD or whatever someone wishes to vape, and are typically flavored. They also contain propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin (PG and VG). PG helps to deliver the smoky effect, while the VG makes the vapor smoother and thicker. Usually distilled water will also be added to the e-liquid to eliminate any harshness that remains in the vapor. Both artificial and organic flavorings are used to make e-juices, depending on the brand.

E-juices became popular with smokers who wanted to find a way of getting nicotine without suffering the damaging side effects that come from the actual smoking process. Nicotine is addictive and e-juices are sold in various strengths. As well as being a substitute, some use e-juices to help quit smoking, as this allows them to easily control the dosage of nicotine that they are taking, and gradually take themselves off of it over time. On its own, nicotine is nowhere near as dangerous, and has a few similar effects to caffeine.

Vape oil, on the other hand, is hashish oil which is derived from mar
ijuana. While some strains of cannabis offer recreational usages of vape oil (depending on the amount of THC), it’s liked by medical marijuana users as a fast way of administering CBD – and on occasions THC too – for pain relief. Vape oil is smeared onto a coil and then heated (for vape pens), or decanted into an oil tank. Some oil vaporizing devices heat the oil via a metal plate which in turns heats the coil, which leads to the vaporizing. Hashish oil tends to be highly concentrated and a suitable medication for patients who need high doses to find relief.

Both e-liquids and vape oils have their uses, but remember that they are different. E-liquids are manufactured vaporizing liquids whereas hashish oil is more natural and derived straight from the marijuana plant. Both vape oils and e-liquids are a much safer alternative than smoking, so whether it’s nicotine, CBD or THC that you are seeking, consider making the switch to vaporizing if you haven’t done so already. All that’s left now is to find the right e-liquid or vape oil for you and start enjoying vaping!

CBD Vape Juice offers the best CBD products from top brands in the industry. We also make our own CBD e-liquid for our CBD Genesis and HempleBox brands.Use our high quality CBD e-juice directly with your vaporizer or with your favorite e-liquids to feel calm and relaxed. CBD e-liquid uses all natural industrial hemp that is known for making people feel great without any negative effects.

What is different about CBD than THC?

While CBD is a part of the cannabis plant, it is legal to consume yet provides beneficial effects instead of the harmful effects of THC (Marijuana). It effects different parts of the brain and creates a soothing and relaxing effect that is completely safe and natural. CBD has been shown to negate the effects of THC and it is impossible to get “high” off of CBD.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, it is legal in all 50 states without a prescription and unlike THC, is not a controlled substance and is legal to buy, sell, and distribute. CBD will also not show on a drug test as it doesn’t have the same properties of scheduled drugs prohibited by the DEA.

What are the effects of CBD?

The effects of CBD vape juice have not been shown to be harmful. It is suggested you do your own research as it is still under study and these effects have not been confirmed by the FDA, but it is considered a safer alternative to THC because you can’t get high off of it and it is non-addictive. Studies have shown that CBD does not interfere with psychomotor or psychological functions. Many people are confused by the terms and think that CBD has the same harmful effects as THC, however it does not. It seems to reduce the intoxicating effects that THC causes. Effects such as memory impairment and the other negative effects associated with marijuana are not caused by CBD and are actually reduced with its usage as it interacts with the brain completely differently. CBD e-liquid is mainly used for relaxation, as it helps the relieve stress and anxiety, putting you in a good mood. Check out this guide on CBD side effects for more information.

How is CBD produced?

CBD comes from industrial hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant specifically used for industrial products. It has a variety of uses and has been used for thousands of years. It is a fast growing plant and over 10,000 years ago was first used to spin into usable fibers, later being refined for use in textiles, paper and clothing. It has also been used in plastics, paint, and animal feed. CBD has very low concentrations of THC and is part of a different strain with very different properties, eliminating the negative psychoactive effects of THC. The United States import the most hemp than any other country in the world. Rest assured that CBD is safe and legal.

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