MagicalButter DecarBox Review: Thermometer Combo Pack

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MagicalButter DecarBox Thermometer Combo Pack













  • Nice Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Gives you confidence in decarb process.
  • Allows you to see oven's internal temperature.
  • Keep cannabis in airtight container, holds in smell during decarb process.
  • Easy to Cool Container
  • Easy to Clean
  • Magnet to hold temperature readout on oven.
  • Improves the MagicalButter experience.


  • Does not come with batteries.
  • Parts of temperature sensor cable were slightly frayed.

MagicalButter DecarBox Review and Product Overview

The MagicalButter silicone decarboxylator comes with great packaging. The instructions are also clear and of the same high quality, we had come to expect from the MagicalButter machine. The products itself feels solid. However, it does not come with batteries. (You will need two AAA batteries.) The sensor cable also feels solid, but ours did have some bends in it that were already fraying, so we kept those out of the oven. The temperature readout device has a magnetic back, which allows it to stick to your oven door easily.

DecarBox Specifications and Features

Priced at $49.95, the DecarBox comes with an integrated digital thermometer that allows for precise oven calibration. The external digital display helps you monitor the temperature inside your DecarBox without having to open the oven, thus preventing temperature fluctuations. Made from food-grade silicone, the DecarBox is designed to lock in the smell and prevent the loss of valuable plant compounds. It can activate up to 2 ounces of herbs at a time to your specific desired potency.

Cost ($-$$$$): $$

Magical Butter DecarBox Review - Box Closed - Save On Cannabis Magical Butter DecarBox Review - Open Box with Sensor - Save On Cannabis

Product Operation – Standard Oven Decarboxylation

Step 1: Oven Calibration

Unfortunately, our oven was being extremely difficult throughout this procedure. When we set the oven to 245F the thermometer read 260F, and at 240F it read 240F. We could only choose those 5-degree increments, so there was no way to set it to our desired 252F.

From Stem’s engineering background, he felt that the sensor refresh rate on the thermometer was a bit too slow – meaning that the sensor is not the highest quality sensor. At this price range, the sensor could be a bit more responsive. But it still reads the temperature, so it seems like the quality of your oven is more of the controlling factor than the DecarBox, but the thermometer certainly is helping and giving some confidence in the process. It just doesn’t help you tame a stubborn oven.

Magical Butter DecarBox Review - Decarbed Flower - Save On Cannabis

Step 2: Decarboxylation

We let the oven heat up at the 245F setting and then dropped it to 240F. The temperature began to drop from 260F and once we saw the thermometer reading 252F we took the empty DecarBox out and filled it with the cannabis. Even though the DecarBox is a bit floppy due to being made of silicone, it did go in the oven easily. We do recommend you use oven mitts because it gets hot!

The readout temperature continued to drop, and in essence, we had no added control of the temperature. Obviously, the product is not intended to help with controlling the temperature of your oven, so for us it just frustratingly let us know there was no way we could set the temperature to what we needed for an ideal decarboxylation.

Magical Butter DecarBox Review - Decarbed Flower Close Up - Save On Cannabis

The device caused a bit of anxiety and made me work a lot to keep changing the temperature to try to get to a steady 252F. While we did not get to the temperature we wanted, we did get to a temperature that was close enough to decarboxylate the cannabis.

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Final Thoughts

The MagicalButter DecarBox is a useful tool for those who want to decarboxylate cannabis at home. While it may not offer complete control over the temperature, it does provide a level of confidence and ease that is often missing when using just an oven. If you have a reliable oven, this product will likely serve you well. However, if your oven is as temperamental as ours, be prepared for a bit of a roller coaster ride.

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