Top 6 Things You Should Know About Marijuana

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Marijuana, also famous as cannabis, has been a crucial part of civilization for millennia. It has been in use as a recreational and medicinal substance for ages. Finally, in the 21st century, marijuana is increasingly being openly accepted due to its ongoing decriminalization and legalization across the world.

Though marijuana is coming up as a significant social, political, and cultural force, the knowledge about this substance is still mostly inconsistent and incomplete. Thus there is always a high demand for accurate information about cannabis. And, this demand is not just present among newbies, but also seasoned users.

Keeping that in mind, here’s bringing you a detailed overview of the top six things you need to know about marijuana buds.

1. The chemical composition of cannabis

Cannabis has hundreds of chemical substances, out of which a majority of substances are popular cannabinoids. Cannabinoids act on the receptors in your body for altering a wide range of physiological processes. There are two primary components present in cannabinoids, namely CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The latter is the psychoactive compound that induces euphoria, commonly termed as ‘high,’ while the former causes a more relaxing effect. It is essential to know the percentage of CBD and THC in a strain because CBD’s lower potency enhances THC’s effects.

Learn About Cannabis Benefits And Basics
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2. Types of marijuana buds to choose

Marijuana buds can be of 3 types depending on the quality spectrums, colors, presence of terpenes, their taste and texture, and their stickiness level. 

  • Low-quality bud – These varieties known as brick weed come from a faraway place in the form of dense cubes. They look a bit brown with a very bitter taste and no smell due to lack of terpenes. Due to the low trichome count, it is not sticky, and the texture is somewhat flaky. 
  • Medium quality bud – In these types, the bud looks relatively healthy with a green tinge and orange pistils. Owing to the high amount of cannabinoids and trichomes, their effect is somewhat more substantial. The texture is smooth and sticky, and the taste is good too. 
  • High-quality bud – The Netherlands’ farmers, northern parts of California, and Spain mainly cultivate premium marijuana. They look almost like nuggets with a darker green color and come with correct moisture, a perfect amount of terpenes, and a pungent smell. 

3. The rising popularity of the cannabis edibles

Edibles are THC-infused food products that come in many forms or shapes. As such, marijuana gives you more options for its consumption, rather than only smoking it. You will get cannabis-infused chocolates, baked goods, and CBD gummies Canada. In fact, with an increasing number of states legalizing cannabis seeds in 2021, you’ll find yummy edibles in most dispensaries.

Along with the rest of the things about cannabis, even the edibles have significantly evolved. Earlier, there was no advice on the label regarding the dosage, but it is mandatory in all the legal weed states. So, you don’t need to guess how much to consume or overstep your tolerance limit.

4. The best approach is to start slow.

This is a common refrain among cannabis connoisseurs, but the smart users should follow it like a mantra. The best approach you can take is, to begin with, the lowest possible dose to achieve the desired high.

Using cannabis has to be effective and safe at all times. Thus, consuming responsibly and knowing when to stop is the beginning of having an excellent marijuana experience. Though the term minimum effective dose is more commonly used in a medical context, it has crucial benefits for recreational users. If the user keeps consuming past the point of getting high, their tolerance will increase. They will increasingly need a higher dose, which means spending more money.

Indica Vs Sativa Cannabis Differences
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5. Differentiating between Sativa and Indica

Traditionally, cannabis strains have been sorted into two main categories, namely, Indica and Sativa. Indica strains might induce a kind of bodily sensation, whereas the Sativa plants have more cerebral effects. However, most of the cannabis strains found in the market have been crossbred. So they are neither purely Sativa nor Indica, but mainly a hybrid. A good thing about crossbreeding is that it has led to the creation of more potent cannabis strains.

If you’re planning to shift to marijuana even after casually smoking for a long time, you might be quite surprised with the potency of the hybrids.

6. Get your equipment for a great experience

You can make it hassle-free for yourself by purchasing pre-rolled joints, or you can get the entire set of equipment like a pipe or a bong and rolling papers. As a cannabis newbie, you should also get a grinder for breaking up loose buds. There are good quality semi-automatic rolling machines available for people who aren’t too well-versed with the joint technique. Go for a vaporizer if you’re planning to consume discreetly. Vaporizers are not as odious as joints when it comes to the smell.

Final Thoughts

You are now armed with the most significant details there is to know about marijuana. All of the facts stated here will help you choose the right strains and dosage to enhance your cannabis experience. You also have a clear idea about different ways of using the substance. So, go ahead and put your newfound knowledge to fair use now.

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