Tips for Keeping Marijuana Fresh: Storage and More

How to Keep Weed Fresh

Those who love to smoke weed know the importance of keeping it fresh. No one looks forward to packing a bowl, lighting it, then inhaling bad tasting herb that’s lost its potency. This could be a sign of dry, stale bud. 

Additional signs that your cannabis lost its freshness include stiffness, buds that easily crumble, and weed that burns fast like paper. Quality cannabis flower will burn slowly and have a soft spring to it. 

To keep weed fresh, you’ll need to know the factors that affect its freshness, and learn the best way to store your weed so the smell, potency, and natural moisture can remain in-tact.

Factors That Affect the Quality of Your Weed 

Learning how to store weed is invaluable. You’re spending hard-earned money on your bud, so you want to maintain its dankness until the very last hit. 

The good news is, your cannabis can last for a long time if you store it right. So, first things first. Protect your weed stash from the elements in your home, otherwise, the quality will suffer.

What do we mean by ‘elements’? Well, for instance, damp and moist conditions aren’t good for your weed. Similarly, you don’t want to expose it to direct sunlight or put it in an area that gets a lot of light. 

Here are more details on how the elements can hurt your cannabis.


Too much moisture will cause mold to grow on your weed. Mold is never a good thing for cannabis. Mold that grows on weed is toxic and can cause lung irritation, infection and other illnesses. Natural moisture levels are ok, but excess moisture can be the death of your stash.


Your herb is alive, it’s full of life and like us, it thrives in certain environments. Your weed was grown in an ideal climate and needs to stay in an ideal environment for the sake of preservation. 

If your cannabis is kept somewhere hot, the terpenes that give your bud aroma will get destroyed. When your nugs get dried out from the heat, your weed can lose its potency and its therapeutic effects.


When your weed sits out on your nightstand or dresser, it’s exposed to excessive oxygen. This can lessen the shelf life of your beloved herb. Even more, when your buds aren’t properly stored, they lose precious cannabinoid and terpene content. 

Simply put, the pleasant taste and benefits of your cannabis strains start to fade away. 


Keeping your weed out of the light, especially sunlight is one of the best things you can do for your weed. Just like the other elements, artificial lighting and sunlight break down and degrade cannabinoid content, reducing the potency of your cannabis.

Let’s look at a similar example. When a car is exposed to excessive sunlight, over time, the paint begins to fade. If the car stays in a garage, the paint stays in good shape. Similarly, your weed will degrade over time from too much exposure to natural and artificial light.

Best Way to Store Weed

The best way to keep weed fresh is to store it inside a tightly sealed glass jar or container. This is also the easiest and most affordable way to keep your cannabis fresh for months. 

Mason jars or jars of similar nature are perfect. Plus, they’re easy to find and inexpensive, keeping more money in your pocket. If you’re reusing a jar, make sure you thoroughly clean and dry it. Any bit of water will create moisture when you twist the lid on, so this step cannot be overlooked. 

How to Keep Weed Fresh in a Jar

Once you have your jar, put your buds inside. Some people put their weed in a plastic bag first. We don’t recommend doing that. Air can easily move in and out of a plastic bag and ruin the beneficial plant properties. 

Also, most plastic bags are made with BPA (bisphenol A), an industrial chemical. Studies show that BPA can negatively impact your health, so you definitely don’t want that stuff leaking into our weed. 

As an alternative to using a plastic bag, you can try a Boveda humidity pack instead. The pack keeps moisture out of your cannabis and fits nicely inside a mason jar. It can last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on how often you open the lid. At a price of $5, it could be a worthwhile investment for you.

Weed is a wonderful gift from mother nature and deserves the ultimate respect — so keep it fresh!

Benefits of Using a Glass Jar

As mentioned before, using a glass jar to store your weed and keep it fresh is very affordable. It’s also convenient and easy to do. A tightly secured jar helps maintain the original flavor of your weed as well as its therapeutic properties.

Furthermore, glass jars and glass containers are impermeable. So, it’s extremely difficult for air to get in or out. As such, you can smoke your weed in its best possible state.   

Where to Keep Weed to Avoid Drying It Out

Now that your weed is sealed up tight, find a dark, cool, and dry place for it. For example, you can put your weed jar in your dresser, on the shelf in your closet, or inside a cabinet. Wherever you decide, make sure that location doesn’t change in temperature. 

Here are a few places where you don’t want to put it. The cabinet above the stove, on top of your refrigerator, a bathroom cabinet, or anywhere in your bathroom for that matter. These areas experience frequent changes in temperature, either hot or cold, creating moisture which is not your weeds friend. 

Bonus Tip 

Keep your cannabis away from electronic devices because they release heat. If your weed is close to any electronic device, there’s potential for unwanted damage.

Proper Storage Helps Keep Your Weed Fresh & Potent

When you don’t store your weed properly you run the risk of having dry, stale, or even worse, moldy weed. This occurs because the conditions in your home like air, moisture, temperature fluctuations, or light affect the quality of your cannabis. 

You can prevent this from happening when you put your weed in an air-sealed glass jar or container. Remember to follow these basic rules for storing your weed so your stash stays vibrant and fresh until the very end.

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