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About Vita Hemp Oil

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Vita Hemp Oil is a reputable provider of hemp and CBD oil. We offer only top-quality products with isolated or full-spectrum cannabinoids grown organically.

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CBD oil is extracted from all parts of the industrial hemp plant. It includes a full spectrum of all cannabinoids patented by the US government. Absolutely no psychoactive compounds are included in CBD oil. They contain no THC. This means you will never experience a “high” when you use it. In compliance with government regulations, all hemp used for nutritional CBD must include less than .3% THC.

Hemp Plant
Civilizations throughout the history of the world have used hemp for a variety of important benefits. It has long been considered to be at the top of the list of most beneficial plants on Earth. Ancient people from Egypt, Persia, China, India, Greece, and more locations understood its ability to both feed and improve the health of people everywhere.

Modern scientific research is presenting a whole new range of proof and discovering new benefits for CBD oil all the time. The US Food and Drug Administration listed CBD as “beneficial” in 2017.


Hemp contains over 80 phytocannabinoids including CBD. They interact with the human body’s natural Cannabidiol system to create numerous health benefits throughout the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our lives. Some of the most appreciated benefits include:

  • Reduction in anxiety, nervous energy, and lack of focus
  • Greater ability to handle stress and tension
  • Faster recovery from inflammation due to injury or exercise


Vitahempoil products offer users the entire collection of cannabinoids found in hemp alongside additional healthy flavonoids and terpenes. Instead of focusing on CBD alone, a full-spectrum hemp-based product delivers additional benefits for overall health.


CBD alone and full-spectrum CBD compounds

The products offered here fall into two categories: regular CBD alone and full-spectrum CBD compounds. The latter, called hemp oil here, uses every part of the cannabis sativa plant. You get cannabidiol, cannabicyclol, cannbichromevinaric acid, and tetrahydrocannabivarin, etc. No part of the industrial hemp plant is left behind. Regular or isolated CBD only contains that. It has less taste and odor, and is more readily available on a legal basis. Vitahempoil allows consumers to try either one to determine what works best for their health interests.

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For lower concentrations of active CBD and smaller price tags, oil tinctures may be an excellent choice for you. These are primarily sold in a dropper bottles, which makes them extremely convenient for daily dosing. You get a reasonable concentration of CBD oil with just a few drops. We also offer a range of CBD and hemp oil capsules for even greater convenience.

Vita Hemp CBD Oil Product


Our Mission to Help Improve Lives

We began this business not as a way to make money but as a way to help people all around the world live healthier and more comfortable lives. When we started out, we gave away our hemp products so people could see their benefits. Our continuing mission to naturally improve people’s lives continues.


Some of the proceeds of our CBD and hemp product sales go to support:


  • Families with children
  • Military veterans
  • Agricultural initiatives that promote responsible practices
  • and other organizations and ideas that make the world a better place.
 naturally improve people’s lives

About Us

Hemp Oil

VitaHempOil is a reputable provider of hemp and CBD oil. We offer only top-quality products with isolated or full-spectrum cannabinoids grown organically.

An ever-increasing number of people are turning to the natural wonder of CBD oil to help with inflammation, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and a host of other health-related problems.

Also, the scientific community constantly finds new evidence that shows the power of cannabinoids to back up the anecdotal claims of users. These findings push the popularity of CBD oil, capsules, vape liquid, and crystals ever upward.

CBD oil offers a wealth of natural antioxidants and neuroprotective compounds. All of the hemps we use is organically grown in Colorado.

Every product we create for VitaHempOil starts with only the purest and most natural hemp. We ensure that the crops we choose include non-GMO and organically grown plants. The cannabis for industrial hemp used to create CBD oil is legal nationwide.

In the United States, people of any age can legally buy top-quality CBD oil products.

Peruse our wide selection, make your choice of powerful cannabinoid products, use our secure ordering process, and enjoy speedy delivery. If you have any questions or concerns, check out our FAQ page or contact us anytime. We are available by phone or email to help you decide which CBD oil product is right for you.

Colorado Leads the Nation in Legal Hemp

According to statistics gathered by Vote Hemp in 2017, the nation’s top producer of legal industrial cannabis in Colorado. At that time, it had over 7500 acres of agricultural hemp production.

All of the VitaHempOil products come from industrial hemp grown in that state and are completely legal everywhere in the country. The US government allows hemp cultivation and its use in manufacturing various types of products. The 2014 Farm Bill made this possible and coincided with the new research into hemp and CBD and its growing popularity in the health and wellness industries

Do you want to join this legal and lucrative industry and offer top-quality CBD oil to your customers?

VitaHempOil manufacturers various products using Colorado’s industrial hemp crops. Now, you can market them yourself as an authorized reseller. Share of the good news about all the health and wellness benefits that natural hemp and cannabinoids have for both people and pets.

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