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To save on the best grow lights on the web, use our verified ViparSpectra coupons and promo codes. We verify them daily, making our ViparSpectra coupons reliable and always active when you need them.

Founded in 2011, ViparSpectra is a customer-driven company dedicated to helping you find the perfect setup for your growing operation no matter your budget, setting, space, and level of expertise. The company manufactures high-quality growing equipment to help your garden reach its full potential.

The ViparSpectra team believes that shopping for gardening tools should be easy and affordable. They designed every item with your preferences in mind. That’s why they spend a considerable amount of time researching the problems growers encounter to make sure ViparSpectra can be the solution. All ViparSpectra products are reliable and always on the cutting edge of horticulture technology.

Popular ViparSpectra Products

No matter the size of your garden, it’s paramount to optimize your light source. Growing indoors gives you an incredible amount of control over your plants, yet you have to have the right equipment to grow a full, lush, beautiful garden. Using ViparSpectra grow lights will increase your yield and give you the control you need to grow a successful garden.

Whether you’re looking for grow lights, grow kits, or drying racks, ViparSpectra has what your garden needs. They have some of the most powerful grow lights in the industry; when you choose ViparSpectra, you’re giving your garden the very best.

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Featured ViparSpectra Product

ViparSpectra XS 1500 150W Led Grow Light

XS 1500 150W Samsung LM 301 B MeanWell Drive | Led Grow Light – Are you searching for a grow light that will give your garden the ideal boost? Look no further than the XS 1500. It’s made to be a sun-like source of light that will give your plant a full-spectrum source of energy, which can be controlled by adjusting the light’s intensity with a precise, easy-to-use dial.

Are you tired of that old buzzing light that keeps you up all night? The XS 1500 is completely silent and is equipped with the latest cooling system, ensuring that you hear nothing and that it never overheats. It’s water-resistant, built to last, and saves you money by consuming about 0.15kWh per hour, making it one of the most cost-effective lights on the market. Guaranteed seven years, the XS 1500 is an incredible investment that your garden will thank you for.

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ViparSpectra products were bestsellers on both eBay and Amazon. The company has successfully supplied over 20 million customers globally; the company constantly improves their technology to stay ahead of the competition and give you the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

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