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About ViparSpectra

ViparSpectra Coupons and Promo Codes – Save on High-Quality Grow Lights

Use our verified ViparSpectra coupon codes and promo codes to save on the best grow lights on the web. Save on Cannabis offers exclusive deals on ViparSpectra products, providing growers with affordable and reliable equipment for their indoor gardens. We verify our ViparSpectra coupons daily to ensure that they are always active when you need them.

About ViparSpectra

ViparSpectra is a customer-driven company that was founded in 2011. The company manufactures high-quality growing equipment that helps any indoor gardener achieve the best possible results. The ViparSpectra team dedicates their time and resources to researching common problems that growers experience to provide the most reliable and effective solutions. ViparSpectra believes that it should be easy and affordable for all indoor growers to have access to first-class gardening tools.

Popular ViparSpectra Products

If you are looking for grow lights, grow kits, or drying racks, ViparSpectra has everything you need for successful indoor gardening. The brand offers the most powerful LED grow lights in the industry, giving you the control you need to grow a lush, healthy garden. Using ViparSpectra grow lights will increase productivity and yield, ensuring that your plants receive a full-spectrum source of energy for optimal growth. Don’t miss out on exclusive site-wide discounts with our ViparSpectra promo coupons.

Featured ViparSpectra Product

The XS 1500 150W Samsung LM 301 B MeanWell Drive | Led Grow Light is a sun-like source of light for your indoor garden. Its full-spectrum properties provide your plants with the energy they need for healthy development. The XS 1500 features a precise, intuitive dial for easy light intensity control, creating the ideal growing environment for your plants. The light is noiseless, water-resistant, and equipped with the latest cooling system for efficient energy consumption. ViparSpectra backs this product with a seven-year warranty, making the XS 1500 one of the most reliable and cost-effective LED grow lights on the market. Save money today with exclusive ViparSpectra coupon codes.


  • How often are Save on Cannabis’ ViparSpectra coupons verified? Our team verifies ViparSpectra coupons daily, ensuring they are active and reliable.
  • Does ViparSpectra offer international shipping? Yes, ViparSpectra ships its products internationally.
  • What is the warranty for ViparSpectra products? ViparSpectra offers a three-year warranty on all products and a seven-year warranty for select products such as the XS 1500.
  • What types of grow lights does ViparSpectra offer? ViparSpectra offers dimmable and non-dimmable grow lights, LED grow lights, and powerful full-spectrum grow lights.


ViparSpectra offers high-quality indoor gardening equipment for every budget, setting, space, and level of expertise. Save money when you buy ViparSpectra products with verified coupons from Save on Cannabis. Shop today to find the perfect gardening tools for your indoor garden.

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