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Get a fantastic discount to get your weed connoisseur certification with our verified Trichome Institute coupon codes. Trichome Institute is an online school dedicated to cannabis education. Their certified guides teach you everything you need to know to become a cannabis interpener. Every course is taught in an entertaining way, ensuring that you learn without the typical classroom boredom.

Trichome Institute is your passport to becoming a knowledgeable cannabis expert. You’ll learn about cannabis and its effects on the human body. They’ll teach you how to use your nose and eyes to recognize characteristics that will lead you to predict how a single bud could interact with the human body.

Trichome Institute gives you high-quality, recognized education that’s ideal for those that want to learn more about the plant they’ve been fascinated by for a lifetime. It’s also excellent training for those that already know the industry.

What is an interpener?

An interpener is equivalent to a sommelier in the wine industry. It’s a specialist, an expert that has proven knowledge in a specific field of study. Why would you need to become a certified interpener with Trichome Institute? Cannabis is a plant that has been used for thousands of years, yet we’re still in the early stages of fully understanding its potential. As a result, there’s a heap of info on cannabis, but a great majority can be misleading; that’s why Trichome Institute has put together a lineup of courses that will train you on the most important aspects of cannabis.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • History of the plant
  • How strain names can be misleading
  • Cannabis parts and functionality
  • Chemical makeup
  • Physical characteristics
  • Psychotropic effects

Most Popular Course

Here are some of the thing you’ll learn from Trichome Institute by enrolling in their most popular course at a discounted rate with our verified Trichome Institute coupon codes:

  • Professional Interpening
  • Cannabis consultant training
  • Cannabis for all
  • Extractions & concentrates

The course is designed for connoisseurs, sommeliers, dispensary staff members, chefs, medical experts, medical patients, and anyone looking to learn more about this booming industry.

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If you don’t want a complete certification, you can take individual courses on specific subjects. The Trichome Institute offers four individual courses: Cannabis for All, Professional Interpening, Cannabis Consultant, and Extraction & Concentrates. You can also purchase educational books, magnifiers, and weed vaults from their online shop, all at a discounted price with our verified Trichome Institute coupons.

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