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About TōkBud™ by Elevated Mechanics™

TōkBud™ by Elevated Mechanics™ Coupon Codes

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Get fantastic discounts on one of the most advanced smoker multi-tools on the market with our verified Elevated Mechanics coupon codes.

Based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Elevated Mechanics specializes in high-end grinders that go beyond expectations. Their team of dedicated experts wants to create products that will help you every time you pick up your pipe, roll your joint, or load your dab rig. Indeed, their mission is straightforward: to make a quality multi-purpose tool that you can take anywhere and use in any smoking situation or setting. With Elevated Mechanics, you’ll have all the necessary trappings you need to grind, spark, poke, scrape, press, push, load, and store your cannabis products.

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The brand was made famous with the 8 in 1 epic smoker multi-tool called the Omni. They’ve done it again with an even more advanced tool, which they coined the TokBud. The concept remains the same, but the materials are sturdier, lighter, and more efficient. It’s the perfect all-in-one tool that you can rely on for any smoking occasion. Forget about grinding your herb with your fingers, fishing for a lighter, or using a toothpick to scrape your pipe; Elevated Mechanics has the ultimate tool for you. And it looks damn good, too.

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Elevated Machines Smoking Accessories Coupons Tokbud

TokBud – Made from polymer resins, aluminum, and stainless steel, the Tokbud was built to last. It’s primarily a high-end anti-clump grinder that’s been fitted with all the necessities you’ll need for your smoking adventures. On top of the grinder, you get a set of fully detachable steel tools that includes a scraper, poker, and press. The TokBud has a storage tray for your herb, a BIC lighter holster, a retractable hemp wick spool, and a mesh screen storage compartment. TokBud is the tool you’ve been missing to make your sessions even more complete.

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Elevated Mechanics’ high-end accessories are engineered, designed, and manufactured in Lakewood, Colorado, so you can rest assured that whatever you order from them will be of top-notch quality. The company is dedicated to upholding the highest level of professionalism and keeping you happy and satisfied with its products and customer support.

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