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10% OFF at The Trippy Hippy! Get industrial grade cannabis rosin presses.

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Using our verified The Trippy Hippy coupons and promo codes is the only way for you to get the best deals and discounts on some of the best rosin presses on the market.

The Trippy Hippy specializes in high-performance rosin presses for your cannabis extractions. The company is devoted to making high-quality presses for those who enjoy a pure extract that’s free of solvents, chemicals, or butane. The Trippy Hippy offers a vast selection of manual clamshells, pneumatic, or electric models.

The Trippy Hippy designed one of the most revolutionary electric rosin presses in the industry – it’s entirely electric and doesn’t need a compressor. It’s safe, easy to use, made to last, and makes incredible solventless extracts. The company’s mission is to bring you quality presses no matter the size of your operation or budget. Whether you enjoy a little rosin from time to time for your consumption or you’re a dispensary looking to produce your rosin to maximize profits, The Trippy Hippy has something for you.

Popular The Trippy Hippy Products

Leave behind harmful solvents and dangerous butane-powered extractors and step up your rosin game with a press from The Trippy Hippy. You’ll create incredible rosin for your dab, vape, bong, or edibles in no time. On The Trippy Hippy website, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of presses that are bound to suit your pressing needs.

Choose the TTH Starter Series Manual Rosin Press to get a feel for pressing, or opt for the 20-Ton Electric Goliath Series Rosin Press if you’re ready to press major weight. Whatever you choose, you can trust The Trippy Hippy to bring you top-of-the-line equipment that will supply you with excellent rosin for a lifetime. Be sure to use our exclusive The Trippy Hippy coupons to take advantage of site-wide discounts.

Featured The Trippy Hippy Product

The Trippy Hippy Rosin Monster Press

20-Ton Monster Series Rosin Press – This rosin press is powered by a manual hydraulic pump that delivers up to 20 tons of pressing power. The 4.7” plates can be independently heated from 0°- 415° F with the help of the touch screen, which displays current and pre-set temperatures. You can also time your presses to the second with the electronic time control. This is one of The Trippy Hippy’s most reliable and durable presses; with it, you’re equipped with a press that will provide quality extracts for years to come. Grab your 20-Ton Monster Press at a bargain with our exclusive The Trippy Hippy coupons and Monster Series Rosin Press promo codes.

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Having a quality rosin press is incredible, but you can’t forget about rosin filter bags. The Trippy Hippy Rosin Filter Bags are paramount to making contamination-free extracts. Choose from various sizes to get the most yield from every press. Make sure you use our verified Rosin Filter Bags coupons to get up to 10% off any The Trippy Hippy filter bags.

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