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Get $25 off your first order of $100 or more SplitBud coupon! 65% less than dispensaries.

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About SplitBud

Splitbud CBD Coupon Codes

Splitbud offers a massive selection of premium flowers and concentrates. Get yours with our verified Splitbud coupon codes to get the best prices.

California has always had a stellar reputation for having some of the best sticky-icky in the world, so why has it become so difficult to find good weed at reasonable prices? Splitbud is the solution to that problem. Splitbud is a hassle-free online ordering platform offering high-grade flowers, concentrates, and edibles in Los Angeles at the most affordable prices.

How does Splitbud do it? They work with the most reputable growers and brands in California and order massive quantities. Splitbud gets incredible deals and passes this discount on to you by ordering in bulk, making it the most affordable delivery service in LA. They discreetly deliver your favorite marijuana and cannabis-derived products to your front door without any hassles.

Popular Splitbud Products

Splitbud’s ordering platform is designed for efficiency and user-friendliness. Each product is accompanied by accurate info that gives you all the necessary details to choose the right product. You can find daily deals on Flowers, Edibles, Pre-Rolls, Vape Carts, and Concentrates.

Splitbud’s menu includes premium flowers from brands like Almora Farms, Fun Uncle, Vibery, Humboldt Trees, and more. Order your ounce of fresh sensi with our verified Splitbud discount codes to get it at a bargain.

Featured Splitbud Product

Splitbud Cbd Coupon King Pen Frosted Grapes 100 Sauce 1G Cartridge
King Pen – Frosted Grapes 100% Sauce 1g Cartridge

This calming, uplifting strain is a cross between Grapes of Wrath and Banana Split. It has an overall sweet grape taste with earthy undertones. You’d be wise to use this 100% live resin sauce at the end of the day. It’s a strain that will relax the body and mind and help you wind down and enjoy smooth vibes and relaxation. A few hits are all it takes to enter a meditative state that will send you deep into your couch or prepare you for an uninterrupted night of slumber. Grab it with our verified Splitbud voucher codes to get it for cheaper.

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Splitbud offers same-day delivery because who wants to wait for days to get their goodies? Deliveries are made between 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm daily. And if you just can’t wait, place your order online and drive down to Splitbud’s storefront on Marina Del Rey to pick up your order without any delivery fees.

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