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20% off Smoke Trap coupon code! Personal smoke filter, stop the smell, stop the worry.

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About Smoke Trap

Smoke Trap Coupon Codes

Get fantastic discounts on one of the most advanced smoke canceling devices ever created with our exclusive Smoke Trap coupons and promo codes.

Smoke Trap was created by a cannabis enthusiast who constantly worried about the lingering smell of the clouds he left behind. Disappointed with the numerous hacks and tips to reduce the smell of smoke, Brandon decided to find a way to cancel any smoke odor altogether. He designed Smoke Trap, the solution you’ve been waiting for – a portable, lowkey air filter that will make any session, no matter where you are, completely unnoticed.

The Smoke Trap team is committed to giving smokers a stress-free way to consume their joints, blunts, bongs, vapes, and dabs. The company is customer-driven, working relentlessly to ensure you have an enjoyable shopping experience and are satisfied with your products. The devices are made to last and designed with comfort and affordability in mind. And with our verified Smoke Trap discount codes and promo coupons, it’s always a fantastic deal.

How Does it Work?
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Smoke Trap features a highly effective 3 stage HEPA + Carbon Filter that eliminates smoke. It’s easy to use; take a hit of your favorite intake method and blow your smoke into the Leak Proof Rubber Mouthpiece. Your smoke is wholly filtered, leaving your space smoke and odor-free.

How Long Can I Use It For?

Smoke Trap is built to last. Each filter can handle more than 300 hits of the heaviest smoke. The filter is replaceable, so you can count on having your Smoke Trap for a long time.

Can I Clean My Smoke Trap?

You can clean your Smoke Trap with a warm, wet cloth to clean resin build-up, but you shouldn’t clean the filter. Keep the carbon filter as dry as possible after use to ensure your device traps the optimal amount of smoke when you need to use it.

When Should I Replace the Filter?

When you feel like you can no longer blow your smoke through the filter freely, it’s time to replace your filter.

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Smoke Trap offers FREE shipping on all orders over $30. Your Smoke Trap will be sent in a discreet envelope, making it safe from prying eyes.

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