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10% discount code at QB-GON! Hand crafted premium grinder.

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Our QB-GON coupons help you save a ton on the most sophisticated and advanced grinder on the market. Grinders have been around for a century, yet their design has never seen much improvement. The guys at Q.B, who were very serious about getting their herbs ground to perfection, decided to revolutionize the grinder game by putting together the most efficient grinder on the planet. After years of trial and error, they built the ultimate grinder. Each grinder is handcrafted and machined to perfection to ensure that your grinder is sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting. With our QB-GON coupons, you’re not saving on just any old grinder; you’re investing on a piece of art built to last.


Most don’t give much thought to the quality of a grinder and what it means to your smoking experience. Sure, you could break your herb the old-fashioned way with nails and fingers, but you’d be losing a large number of essential ingredients. The most efficient way is to use a grinder. Yet, choosing the right grinder can be a daunting task in a sea of online options. QB-GON is the only choice if you’re serious about getting the best grind out of your herb. While the outside is made of walnut wood, the inner chamber is made with stainless steel to ensure that no debris is part of your herb. In turn, it’s a safer, perfectly uniform grind that enhances your smoking experience.

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The Q.B team created a design that’s simply unmatched in quality and engineering. It has six different blades that are akin to having six scissors closely tied together, cutting away at your herb. Better still, you can control the size of your grind, making it as coarse or fine as you need depending on your smoking method. The QB-GON is cube-shaped and can balance in any position. It’s made up of 90 parts and is entirely hand-assembled, which guarantees an unmatched grinding experience for any smoking situation.

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Every part of the QB-GON is interchangeable and can be configured to your liking. It allows you to modify the mechanism depending on your preferences and style. The wooden exterior is polished to perfection to give you the most comfortable feel. Finally, it looks simple yet incredibly balanced and sturdy. Take your smoking to the next level and give your herb what it deserves!

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