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About Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds Coupon Codes

Are you searching for premium cannabis seeds at an affordable price? Use our Paradise Seeds vouchers and promo codes; they’re verified daily and will save you a ton of cash at checkout!

Paradise Seeds is recognized as one of the best cannabis seed banks in the world. Founded in 1994, the guys at Paradise Seeds wanted to be much more than simple seed collectors. They wanted to create better quality marijuana strains for recreational and medical use.

Today, the Amsterdam-based company is one of the most decorated cannabis seed companies globally, with over fifty cannabis cup recognitions. What sets Paradise Seeds apart from your run-of-the-mill seed vendor is that Paradise Seeds refuses to sell second-rate seeds. They DO NOT carry copies of renowned strains – they have the real thing!

Paradise Seeds is trusted by the most experienced growers worldwide because of the brand’s reputation for having potent, reliable, genuine seeds you can count on to bloom into fine specimens.

Popular Paradise Seeds Products

At Paradise Seeds, most of their strains are F1 cannabis hybrids that are 95% guaranteed to germinate as long as the growing conditions are right. Paradise Seeds works hard to provide precise descriptions for all their seeds to ensure you get something to match your preferences and the setup you plan on using.

Unlike most online seed vendors, Paradise Seeds knows everything about every seed it sells. You’ll be amazed at how well each strain is described. They include lineage, aromas, flavors, cultivation method, yield, effects, and more.

Their seed bank has classic strains like White Widow and Cheese and more exclusive strains like Nebula and Mendocino Skunk. And if you’re looking to add a more therapeutic touch to your weed garden, Paradise Seeds has a significant list of CBD strains. Be sure to order your seeds with our verified Paradise Seed coupon codes for incredible savings.

Featured Paradise Seeds Product

Paradise Seeds CBD Coupon code Store Pandora Autoflower Strain

Pandora (Autoflower Strain)

Pandora is an Indica-dominant strain characterized by its intoxicating flavor, intense effects, and easy cultivation level. It has a short, stocky stature that yields long and thick colas that can produce up to 400 grams per plant when grown indoors. It’s pungent in the grow room, giving off a sweet smell with Humulene and Caryophyllene undertones. When ignited, the flavor is predominantly sweet and slightly spicy. The effects are Indica-like and best used for deep relaxation. Order your Pandora seeds now with our verified Paradise Seeds coupons for exclusive discounts and deals.

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Paradise Seeds ships everywhere in Europe and other select countries outside the EU. Check out their website to see if your country is on their list.

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