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About Original Sensible – The Original Seeds Store

Original Sensible – The Original Seeds Store Coupon Codes

You can use our Original Seeds Store verified coupons and promo codes to get fantastic discounts and deals on some of the best cannabis seeds in the world.

Created in 1992, Original Seeds Store is a pioneer in the cannabis seedbank game. The Welsh company started selling cannabis seeds and hydroponic equipment in the UK when the only place where you could find quality seeds was in Amsterdam. Original Seeds Store had to fight for their right to sell their seeds in the UK, going head-to-head with the government in court. The company founders didn’t give up the fight and eventually laid the foundations for seedbanks, grow shops, and head shops to operate legally.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and Original Seeds Store is still just as incredible—the company ships the highest quality seed worldwide from their top-of-the-line distribution center in Spain. Wherever you are, you can receive reliable seeds from one of the most trusted, iconic seedbanks on the market. Original Seeds Store only handles high-grade cannabis seeds and uses the most secure shipping methods to ensure you get your seeds quickly and in prime condition.

Popular Original Seeds Store Products

Premium cannabis seeds, top-of-the-line customer support, affordable prices, and free seeds with every order, what else could you ask for from a seedbank? Original Seeds Store has one of the largest inventories of cannabis seeds worldwide – if you can think of it, Original Seeds Store has it. You can browse Original Seeds Store’s very own seed collection, including its world-famous skunk strains.

The company stocks cannabis seeds from the greatest breeders and seedbanks, making their list of seeds one of the most comprehensive on the market. Whether you’re new to growing or a seasoned green thumb, Original Seeds Store should always be your first choice for quality cannabis seeds. Be sure to order your seeds with our Original Seeds Store discount codes and promo coupons to save on your purchase.

Featured Original Seeds Store Product

Original Seed Store Coupons Purple Hazo Auto

Purple Haze Auto | Original Sensible SeedsThis Sativa-dominant strain made famous by Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 song never goes out of style. Known for bringing a sense of euphoria and cerebral stimulation, Purple Haze is as rewarding to grow as it is enjoyable to consume. Growing Purple Haze is relatively easy, thanks to its resistance to pests and diseases.

You can expect a fast seed to harvest turnaround of 70-75 days. It’s a high-yielding plant that grows to a mid-size height, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor cultivation. The plant’s appearance never disappoints with its psychedelic look and vibrant colors. Grab your seeds at a bargain with our exclusive Original Seeds Store coupons and Purple Haze Seeds promo codes.

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If you’re searching for larger pack sizes of up to 500 seeds, Original Seeds Store has a massive selection of bulk seeds for you. If you like to grow big, trust Original Seeds Store to provide reliable seeds that will perform as they should.

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