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About Natural Healthy CBD

Natural Healthy CBD

Natural Healthy CBD is exactly that: an all-natural product that is amazing for your health. Here at Natural, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality CBD products available. Because CBD saved the life of our owner and founder, she has dedicated that life to making sure the public has access to the purest forms of that same natural adaptogen that can help with anything from eczema to seizures. Our company is made up of members who feel more like family than business partners, and it is our mission to provide you an honest product with the best customer service we can, not only because many of our customers are friends, family, and other loved ones, but because our number one priority really is the health of our customers, not the bottom line.

Usually the prices for high-quality CBD such as the products we offer range from reasonable to outrageously expensive. We use our strong buying power to achieve the best pricing, without compromising the integrity and quality of the products we offer. As well as partnering with big names in the CBD world to be able to provide you the highest quality at the lowest prices possible.


Hemperpedic is a trade name for our own Hemp and CBD product line. Hemperpedic is created with you in mind and we often do polls or ask the communities opinions and we take feedback VERY seriously.

Natural Healthy CBD wants to provide REAL RELIEF to those who need it. CBD is entirely legal in all 50 states and WE only use the PUREST, highest quality products from the most reputable companies. All of our CBD oil is backed by COAs and are completely THC free. Best part is, they work!

A company wanting to help the community means a lot to us. We like to help each other out. Please contact us if you sell CBD or are interested in wholesale selling ours.

Noticing the lack of security and professionalism in the disabled community, a group of Spoonies came together and formed a safe haven now known as The Extra Spoon.

We wanted to bring some form of security and comfort to service dogs and their handlers, including the disability community and Spoonies alike. Soon we were known as the helpful, safe and fair place for Spoonies. As a result we were coined The Extra Spoon, that one place to provide help for Spoonies by Spoonies. We soon became a storefront that allowed our vendors (whom are all disabled) to sell their handmade disability assistance aids as income.
We as a company pride ourselves for our outstanding quality, amazing customer service and custom protections system.

Now our small group has grown into a company that stands up for the disability community and provides seller and buyer services all over the world. All of our vendors are extremely helpful and will work with you to get your exactly what you need. Our customers matter to us and without your support, we wouldn’t be here. So we do our best to provide helpful products for those of whom so desperately can use just a little help, we’re The Extra Spoon.
When you just need a little help on those hard days, we hope to provide you with The Extra Spoon.

The Extra Spoon has a goal to become much more than just a safe shop. We as a whole, feel that big named companies that mass produce the same item over and over only for profit from our disabilities and suffering, taking what little money we all have. There’s no love in the stitches, there’s no one behind it. The Extra Spoon feels it’s time to stop the cycle.

Here at The Extra Spoon, you know that your product is being meticulously made and crafted by someone who uses the product themselves and knows how they work.
It’s time that we help each other. “Spoonies helping Spoonies” isn’t just a business, it’s a movement. The Extra Spoon is removing all negativity in the service dog community and replacing it with knowledge, experience and the respect it deserves.

The Extra Spoon feels that instead of giving your money to a company who won’t notice, give your money back to the community. Help each other by providing amazing quality products, low prices, dedicated customer service, owned and operated by the disabled community.

Your purchase gives back to a Spoonie who really needs it and will be gracious and dedicated to your order. Give back to those who need it, people like you.
We want to provide services and helpful programs to those who need it in the very near future. We represent change. We represent strength, unity, positivity and respect.
It’s the dawning of a new era. We’re not weak or lesser when we’re together. That’s what The Extra Spoon is about.
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