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About Medic Grow

Medic Grow Coupon Codes

Our exclusive Medic Grow promo codes get you the best discounts on top-shelf LED grow lights.

Medic Grow is an experienced company specializing in manufacturing LED grow lights for home and commercial horticulture growers. Seeking to become a household name, they are committed to building energy-efficient grow lights with high PPF output to help you maximize your garden’s yield at every stage of the growth cycle.

Medic Grow LED lights are designed to remedy three common problems: excessive power consumption, bulb durability, and unnecessary heat. By working closely with experienced cultivators and listening to their customers, the Medic Grow team consistently works to improve their lights and allow growers of all levels of expertise to grow rich, lush gardens. In addition, they can work with you directly to help you get the perfect color spectrum based on your plants’ needs.

Popular Medic Grow Products

Medic Grow offers various LED grow lights for your indoor operation. The Ez-8 Medic is a 1000-watt HPS that puts out an incredible amount of power yet produces minimal heat. It has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and can work in harsh growing environments. It features 8 removable and replaceable LED bars to facilitate transport and installation. Power is adjustable, giving you control over different growing phases. All Medic Grow lights are full spectrum, allowing you to use them from seed to harvest. Be sure to purchase your LED grow light with our verified Medic Grow coupon codes to save a ton of money on your order.

Featured Medic Grow Product

Medic Grow Cbd Coupon Fold 8 Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights
Fold-8 Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Steal a little piece of the sun by using this high-quality LED grow light. Perfect for your home operation, the Fold-8 can be chained to accommodate commercial operations. It provides 4 x 4 ft of light coverage to grow your plants from seed to harvest. The 8 lighting bars are designed to distribute light evenly, allowing your entire plant canopy to grow at an identical speed.

Dimmable from 100% to 40%, you can control your lighting output for different growth phases. And with its plug-and-play installation, setting up the Fold-8 is a snap. Use our verified Medic Grow coupons, and Fold-8 LED Lights promo codes to get the best discounts out there.

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All Medic Grow offers a 3-year warranty on all the grow lights they sell.

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