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Marijuana Seed City 30 PErcent Off Coupon

30% off all orders over £60 for new customers at Marijuana Seed City! Worldwide shipping.

Marijuana Seed City CBD Coupon Code

20% OFF site-wide at Marijuana Seed City! New and returning customers.

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About Marijuana Seed City

Marijuana Seed City Coupon Codes

Are you looking for the best deals on quality marijuana seeds? At SaveOnCannabis, we have daily verified coupon codes to help you save at checkout. Use our verified Marijuana Seed City coupon codes when you place your order!

Marijuana Seed City is a seedbank that sells high-quality cannabis seeds. For Marijuana Seed City, the mission is simple: to bring you the best marijuana seeds for an affordable price, no matter where you reside. Whether you prefer growing feminized, autos, or regulars, Marijuana Seed City is your go-to seedbank.

We like Marijuana Seed City because the company batch tests all its seeds and strives to give you top-of-the-line customer support. Additionally, Marijuana Seed City guarantees its shipping, so if your seeds get lost in transit, the seedbank will resend your order free of charge. And to make the deal sweeter, Marijuana Seed City gives you free seeds with every order you place.

Popular Marijuana Seed City Products

Bestsellers include Aurora Indica Feminized seeds and Mango Kush Regular seeds. The latter is a customer favorite because it’s one of the best-tasting strains on the market. While it’s not an easy strain to grow, the results are fantastic if you’re successful.

It tastes just like the mango fruit and has a distinct Kush flavor with hints of pine. The plant yields very dense, colorful buds. Most people feel happy, relaxed, and euphoric after a session of Mango Kush. Be sure to use our verified Marijuana Seed City coupons and Mango Kush promo coupons to grab these seeds for an exclusive price.

Featured Marijuana Seed City Product

Marijuana Seed City Cbd Coupon Thai Stick Regular

Thai Stick Regular

If you’re a fan of original strains, Thai Stick is worth it. Thai Stick is a landrace Sativa that originated in the hills of northern Thailand. It became popular in the 70s for its vibrant high and subtle, delicate taste.

Thai Stick grows best in humid and warm conditions. It’s a relatively easy strain to grow, but you should be wary of it getting too tall – you may need to tame it with Low Stress Training. It can take up to 14 weeks to flower, but if you have the patience, it’s well worth the wait. Order Thai Stick seeds with our verified Marijuana Seed City coupon codes to get them at a special price.

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If you want to grow like a pro, use the Marijuana Seed City blog. It has tons of grow guides that can help you learn about light schedules, color enhancement, maximizing yields, pH effects, and more.

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