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Long-Bong Coupon Codes

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LONG-BONG. The name says it all; the guys at LONG-BONG like their bongs long, very long. The LONG-BONG team has always been impressed by how a bong hit can completely change your feeling and outlook on life. To them, bongs are more than smoking devices; they’re a segue into a higher state of mind. The team not only wanted to create massive bongs, but they also set out to create an experience.

The Bratislava-based company is devoted to creating efficient, sturdy, and absolutely stunning bongs. They wanted their bongs to be the ultimate smoking devices and magnificent art pieces that you’d be proud to display. Made with the finest materials, LONG-BONG products are a testament to class, luxury, and distinguished taste.

Long Bong Smoking Accessories Coupons Stanley Black

Most likely one of the longest bongs ever created, LONG-BONG Stanley is a sight to see. Standing at 1.4 meters (4.6 ft), this bong will not go unnoticed. It’s a hefty piece that weighs 13.5 kg (30 lbs.). Like its little brother Teo, it’s made with the finest materials, making it sturdy, durable, and incredibly beautiful. Its high-quality handmade crystal glass bulb is genuinely spectacular – magnificent in every way. One thing is sure, LONG-BONG Stanley is a masterpiece that was made for those who have a deep love for craftsmanship, sheer beauty and can handle a wicked rip on the bong. Use our exclusive LONG-BONG Stanley coupons to save on one of the world’s longest bongs.


Long Bong Smoking Accessories Coupons Teo Black

If you love LONG-BONG Stanley but would like something a little more portable, the Teo is a great alternative. Teo stands at 65 cm (25”), weighs 3.5 kg (11 lbs.), and can hold an impressive 1.6 liters (54 fl. oz) of water. Like LONG-BONG Stanley, it’s made with the finest crystal and borosilicate glass, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. Teo is entirely detachable, making cleaning or replacing a damaged part a breeze. Each bong has a serial number, ensuring that it’s one of a kind.

So, load the ergonomically designed bowl with your finest herb, fill the neck with ice to ensure a smooth pull, spark it, hear it bubble, and feel the magic of LONG-BONG. Grab it at a discounted price with our LONG-BONG promo coupons.

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Storage Jar
Long Bong Smoking Accessories Coupons Storage Jar

When you own a LONG-BONG, you don’t want to carry your fine herbs in an ordinary box; you need something a little classier. LONG-BONG’s Storage Jar is a beautifully finished jar that can hold up to one gram of herbs. As you would expect from LONG-BONG, the jar is made from high-quality glass and high-grade stainless steel. Take the 10 cm (4”) jar wherever you go with the included key ring. Whether you own a LONG-BONG or not, if you’d like to give your herb a cozy little home, LONG-BONG’s Storage Jar is what you’ve been looking for. Get it at the best price with our LONG-BONG discount codes.

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