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About Kushy CBD

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Kushy CBD is an award-winning CBD brand based in Southern California.
Created and tested in state-of-the-art facilities with the highest quality full spectrum oil, Kushy CBD’s diverse product line includes a classic gummy, an all-in-one vape, omega-3 gel caps, and a sublingual mango tincture made from the makers of the infamous Kushy Punch.

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About KushyCBD

KushyCBD is the long-trusted source of the most consistent and natural cannabis products on the market.

Using exceptional organic ingredients blended in our state-of-the-art production facilities, our strongest conviction has always been to promote wellness, happiness and positivity.

Our Story

Our story begins in 2014, when KushyCBD’s founder and CEO Ruben Cross decided to pivot away from cultivation and towards building a lasting, trusted brand that could meet the medical and recreational needs of the fast-growing cannabis community and beyond.

“We started thinking about the healthiest ways that we could get people their medicine,” explains Ruben. “We needed something small, easy to consume with low calories and low sugar. But we understood that consistency was of paramount importance, particularly as the industry was poised to come above ground and become mainstream.”

Frustrated by a widespread absence of standardized dosing, or healthy edible options available at dispensaries, Ruben developed KushyPunch’s classic organic, non-GMO full spectrum gummy. Driving the pursuit for wellness with FDA-standards of development and compliance, our gummy delivered the much-needed consistency that was famously lacking in the wild west days of pre-recreational cannabis in our home state of California.

Since then, we have continued to elevate our standards in the lab and on the shelves, investing in the highest quality oil, natural ingredients, compliant packaging and manufacturing facilities as we strive to deliver the best, most reliable experience to our customers. Today, as the cannabis sector expands at a dizzying rate, KushyPunch and KushyCBD remain widely recognized amongst the most pioneering and enduring brands in the industry.

With each passing year we see yet more evidence emerge enforcing cannabis’ position at the forefront of a disruption to the pharmaceutical industry, and we will continue to increase our standards, spearhead innovation, and deliver wellbeing and relief to all those that seek it.


“Our first responsibility is always to the people buying our product. But our second responsibility is to the world, and specifically to our local community. From day one, it has been our goal to make giving and philanthropy a key part of our DNA.”

KushyCBD strongly believes that all companies should aspire to be positive corporate citizens that give back to their local communities, and be mindful of the environmental impact that comes with running a business.

The regulated retail cannabis sector is still in its infancy. We have an invaluable opportunity to develop a foundational ethos of philanthropy, humanitarianism and community development to further expand the benefits that the cultivation of this plant brings to the world.

“I think it goes beyond charity,” Cross told Dope Magazine in 2016. “It’s hard to live in a world and be really joyful when you see so much suffering. I think we are blessed to be in this industry. I can’t imagine doing anything else at this time that would make such a huge impact on human health.”

Since founding in 2014, social responsibility and philanthropy have been key tenets of our business. It’s part of our stated mission to encourage other businesses in the cannabis space to do the same.


KushyCBD works closely with GiveDirectly, a reputable charity that transfers funds directly to households in developing countries via mobile phone-linked payment services. By targeting extremely low-income households, GiveDirectly allows donors to deliver support directly, bypassing the inefficiencies of major charities and potentially corrupt local governments.

Los Angeles Food Bank

Our home county of Los Angeles has the largest food insecure population in the US, with roughly 1.5 million Angelenos living without the funds to provide a sufficient amount of food for their families.

On June 2016, the KushyCBD team worked alongside the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to organize a huge food drive. Our team filled nine shopping carts with food, non-perishables, drinks, etc., and donated more than one ton of items to more than 1,800 families in the Los Angeles Area.

To learn more about the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank or to make a donation, visit their website: (

Wildlife Waystation

Wildlife Waystation is a 160-acre wildlife preserve located in the Angeles National Forest. They provide 24-hour care to more than 400 permanent animal residents.

Since 2016, KushyCBD has been making direct donations quarterly to the sanctuary to help maintain and upkeep the grounds. Wildlife Waystation receives no funding from federal, state, or local governments, and is supported solely by private donations, foundation and corporate grants, bequests and animal sponsorships.

To learn more about Wildlife Waystation or to make a donation, visit their website: (

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