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About Kiskanu

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The word “passionate” is thrown around rather carelessly in most companies. That’s not the case when you take a closer look at Kiskanu – these guys are genuinely dedicated and actually passionate about making the world a better, more joyful place.

Founded by Gretchen and Jason Miller, Kiskanu is a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the cannabis industry. What sets them apart is their hand-crafted, small-batch, cold-press CBD extraction method. It’s one, if not the, most natural extraction process you’ll find on the market.

Digging further, Kiskanu goes to incredible lengths to ensure that everything they do is as sustainable as can be. From paper tubes to cardboard boxes and glass jars, Kiskanu recycles to reduce its carbon footprint.

High-quality CBD products that are sustainability produced, what else could you ask for?

Popular Kiskanu products

Kiskanu specializes in CBD skincare products. They’re crafted with top-shelf CBD extract and organic herbs. Though highly potent and effective, all Kiskanu products are gentle on the skin, mind, and body.

Kiskanu’s Botanical Mist is a limited seasonal edition product that combines the rarest herbs with Witch Hazel. It purifies and purifies the face, body, and hair. Order it while supplies last with verified Kiskanu coupons and discount codes.

Featured Kiskanu product

Kiskanu Coupon Code store CBD Hemp CBD Skin Muscle Rub
Hemp CBD Skin & Muscle Rub

Tight muscles and everyday pains happen to all of us. But quicker recovery is now possible with Kiskanu’s Hemp Rub. Packing 250 mg of hemp CBD, this formula penetrates the skin, reaching deep in your muscles to relieve minor pains and stress-induced tightness.

But that’s not all. Made with cold-pressed oils, lavender, comfrey, and beeswax, it will reinvigorate your skin, reduce inflammations, and promote tissue repair. Long-lasting and fast-acting, you can kiss your post-workout pains goodbye.

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Why Kiskanu? It’s the name of a sacred tree in Sumeria. It’s believed to be the Tree of Life used in the Biblical narrative. We think it’s a fitting name for a brand seeking to heal the world and its people.

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