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About Infusely

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Infusely is a cannabis company producing health and wellness products infused with CBD. Founded by the husband-wife duo, Robert & Lynn in 2018, the company uses highest quality hemp sourced from the most reputable farms in Colorado and ensures that each batch is thoroughly tested for purity. Their mission is to produce the highest quality CBD infused wellness and beauty products that makes their customers feel good about themselves. The founders have extensive knowledge and experience in the health and beauty industry and have truly managed to build a company whose beauty products deliver the promise mentioned in the label. They are also very honest about the ingredients of their products and each of their products has a QR code on the product label that reveals the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an independent third-party test lab when scanned.

Popular infusely Products

Their product line consists of various products like creams, roll-ons, balms, lip balm and bath fizzies. Exclusive Infusely discount codes will let you enjoy glorious beauty without breaking the bank. Their most popular products are-

Infusely Cbd Coupons Lemon Grass Goat Milk Cream

Infusely Goat Milk Cream – The Infusely Goat Milk Cream is available in a 56.7g container containing 500mg CBD. Available in flavours like coconut and lemongrass, the cream contains goat milk, shea butter, honey, aloe vera, vitamin e and cbd isolate as its ingredients.

Infusely Cbd Coupons Roll On

Infusely Oil Roll-On – Infuesly’s Oil Roll-On is available in 10.6 ml container containing 100mg CBD. The Roll-On is available in flavours like eucalyptus and lavender and contains grapeseed oil, CBD isolate and eucalyptus oil or lavender oil depending on the product.

Infusely Cbd Coupons Healing Balm

Healing Balm – The healing balm comes in a 14.2 g container and has 200mg of the highest quality CBD. It is made up of ingredients like Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Candela Wax, Castor Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Babassu Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Calendula Oil; Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, and Tea Tree Essential Oil and CBD Isolate.

Infusely Cbd Coupons Lip Balm

Infusely Lip Balm – Containing 25mg CBD, the lip balm from Infusely is non-psychoactive and THC-free and contains no parabens, phthalates or any artificial flavours. It is available in flavours like peppermint, strawberry sorbet and dolce de leche.

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