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The most incredible discounts and deals await, with our verified Homegrown Cannabis Co. coupons and promo codes.

If you’re looking for premium cannabis seeds from a reputable company based in the US, your search is officially over. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is an online seed bank devoted to providing superior quality seeds for first-timers and master growers alike. The Homegrown Cannabis Co. team is confident to have the most comprehensive collection of in-house genetics worldwide.

Every seed purchased from Homegrown Cannabis Co. is guaranteed to germinate; if they don’t, you’ll be sent replacements in a flash. To help you with your garden, Homegrown Cannabis Co. partnered with acclaimed master grower Kyle Kushman to guide you on your journey to a successful harvest. Finding a more passionate, dedicated, and reputable seed bank will be a difficult task.

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Finding the right cannabis seeds can be daunting and costly if the seeds are of poor quality. With Homegrown Cannabis Co., you get access to the most extensive gathering of stable cannabis strains on the market. The company only sells seeds from professional breeders, ensuring you get vetted seeds with a clear lineage and breeding history.

Whether you want to grow indoor, outdoor, Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the perfect seeds to suit your goals, setting, and expertise. Get site-wide discounts and deals when you use our exclusive Homegrown Cannabis Co. promo codes.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co Shishkaberry Feminised Seeds

Shishkaberry Kush Feminized Seeds – This strain is a mix between DJ Short Blueberry and Afghani. It’s an award-winning, Indica-dominant plant known for its fruity, earthy flavors and mind-bending high. As with many Indica strains, Shishkaberry Kush is sturdy, resilient, and able to survive in the harshest conditions. It flowers in 7 to 9 weeks, is high-yielding and suitable for novice growers.

Grow it indoors using hydroponics or soil paired with a SOG setup for best results. You can also grow it outside, but it may require a more experienced pair of hands. Expect euphoric, giggly, and uplifting effects when you toke on this sublime strain. Use our verified Homegrown Cannabis Co. coupons to get these seeds at a bargain.

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If every strain looks fantastic and you can’t pick one to save your life, why not order a mix pack? Homegrown Cannabis Co. selects seeds that would make a great match for your garden. Check out the Candyman Mix Pack; it’s a superb selection of sweet-smelling herbs.

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