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Get the most innovative goodie boxes at a discounted rate with our Hemper coupon codes. Have you ever run out of rolling paper right in the middle of a lively session? Just as you were getting in your groove, too… Don’t you wish there was a way that you had an unlimited supply of accessories chilling in a box right in your drawer? Now you can make this wish come true with the Hemper Box.

The founders of Hemper were just like you; they hated not having anything to smoke with, having too few options, or simply not having the right tool for the job. Having to improvise can be fun, but it can lead to wasteful inventions that rarely work effectively. Hemper thought of a simple yet genius concept: why not send you a box of accessories every month to make sure you’re always ready with the best smoking accessories? That’s what they did, and it’s now available at a discounted rate with our Hemper coupons!

Popular Hemper Products

The Hemper Box comprises hand-selected products that are of the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Each box is expertly put together to give you a variety of innovative smoking options. A theme is chosen for each month, so it’s always a pleasant surprise. None of the boxes have the same items, ensuring that you try something new each month. They even have special collabs with the hottest brands to keep things fresh. Don’t think you’ll need a box every month? No sweat, you can choose to receive your box every three months, six months, or only once a year. It’s also the ultimate gift for all those who love smoking!

Featured Hemper Products

Hemper Smoking Accessories Coupons Box

Hemper Cactus Jack Box – The Hemper Cactus Jack Box is an example of the themed boxes that Hemper puts together. Check out the lineup; it’s just brilliant.

    • HEMPER Cactus Jack Bong
    • Matching Cactus Jack 14mm Flower Bowl
    • Assorted Hemper Silicone Ashtray
    • Assorted OCB Virgin King Size Slim Rolling Paper Machine
    • 1 Small Smell Proof Bag
    • Assorted Twisted Hemp Wraps
    • HEMPER Hempwick
    • Assorted Clipper Lighter
    • Assorted Filter Tips
    • Assorted King Size Cones
    • Assorted King Size Rolling Papers
    • Assorted HEMPER Sticker

Past boxes can be accessed and purchased as you please. Hemper has a massive selection of boxes that will make you smile and nod your head with approval.

Save money now with Hemper coupon codes!


Hemper has its accessories line, but they’re also a headshop that carries accessories from top brands. You’ll find the best products from brands like OCB, RAW, Twisted Hemp, Marley Natural, Dr. Dabber, Aerospaced, and many more. Hemper has been featured by Entrepreneur, Billboard, Now This, Forbes, High Times, and Business Insider. In short, Hemper is legit; get your box today at a discounted rate with our fantastic Hemper coupon codes!

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