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Buying Mail Order Marijuana Clones is different than ordering our seeds. Please read through this page for more information.

Quick overview

  • There are no returns or refunds on clones. Replacements may be provided on a case by case basis. See below for details.
  • Clones ship within 3 business days, up to 4 weeks after you place your order.
  • Prices include Priority Shipping.
  • We do not ship clones to the United States. Canada only for clones.

About our clones.

Presently our clones are taken from Mother Plants using vegetative propagation technique. The clones are shipped in rockwool for transfer to soil or hydroponics system. In most cases, the mothers are phenotype selections taken from seed stock that we also sell.

To help ensure the cleanest and safest plants for your growing environment, we use Health Canada approved pest and disease control products in our production system.

We are presently also working on offering clones from tissue culture. We will update this page with the latest news on new product offerings.

Secure shipping.

Our packaging is very discreet and private. It is also specifically designed, using a formed plastic container, securely holding clones for transit.

Clones are shipped within 3 business days, up to 4 weeks after your place your order. The reason for lead time is we may have to take the clones from the mother plants, root and harden them before shipping. In some cases, we may have clones ready to ship at the time you place your order – but this is not always the case.  We always ship on Monday to avoid plants getting stuck in the mail system over the weekend. Although we ship with heat packs in the winter, we also try to avoid extreme cold weather and may delay a shipment of weather concerns. Please be patient when ordering clones.

Limitation of liability for mail order clones.

At this time, we do not guarantee the safe arrival of clones. You are assuming risk when you order clones mail order. If your clones do die in transit, we reserve the right to refuse replacement. We will under no circumstances take responsibility for problems that are the result of the mail system or the weather. We also do not take responsibility for the failure of clones due to mistakes made when planting.  We suggest doing research online about how to transplant a clone.  We also recommend you consider using Flex Delivery for your mail, especially in winter.  Do not let your order sit at the post office or in the mailbox for extended periods, especially in the winter.  Replacement clones may be sent in cases where you make every effort to retrieve them from the postal system in time and yet they still die.

All this said the success rate for mail order clones is very high if you cooperate with the recommendations.

Cancellations and refunds.

At this time, we cannot accept cancellations after an order has been placed.  We will also not accept returns on live plants.


Our clones are shipped in sets of 3. The clones have to be the same strain. Priority shipping is free.

Three plants: $149 + taxes 
Six plants: $239 + taxes 
Nine plants: $289 + taxes

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