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Treatibles CBD Coupon Codes

Created as an extension of Auntie Dolores (one of the first medical cannabis brands in California), Treatibles is an online CBD store dedicated to manufacturing hemp-derived products for pets. Started in 2013, Treatibles is recognized as one of the pioneers of pet CBD. The brand’s mission is to help ailing pets live a more comfortable life, no matter their age or condition. Convinced that a happy pet makes a happier family, Treatibles strives to bring harmony to you and your pets with premium products that are effective, safe, and affordable.

Popular Dorm Grow Products

For effective growing power, you need enhancing grow lights that can deliver the perfect light spectrum for every grow phase. The G8LEDs give your plants 3000k and 4000k diodes, 380nm to 780nm targeted range, and include ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. In addition, Dorm Grow lights touch all the colors in the light spectrum, enhancing trichome formation and maximizing your plants’ potency, yield, and quality. Get the absolute best grow lights on the market for less when you use our verified Treatibles coupons and promo codes to get discounts on all Treatibles products.

Featured Treatibles Product

Treatibles CBD Coupon Code Ease (Blueberry Flavor) Hard Chews  4 mg CBD for Dogs

Ease (Blueberry Flavor) Hard Chews – 4 mg CBD for Dogs
If your pet is having a hard time getting up, seems anxious, has a skin rash, freaks out during thunderstorms, or has simply slowed down over the years, Treatibles has something that can help. Made with organic full-spectrum hemp CBD Oil, Ease Hard Chews will boost your dog’s immune system, enhance their joints and muscles functions, and promote relaxation. Blueberry-flavored and made to appeal to all pets, these treats are the most convenient way to introduce your pet to a daily dose of CBD. Grab yours at a discounted price with our exclusive Treatibles coupon codes

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Treatibles has partnered with countless rescue centers to help less fortunate pets throughout the US. The company proudly offers discounts to all shelters and rescue organizations.

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