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About DormGrow

About Dorm Grow

How do you get discounts on premium lighting equipment for your private garden? Use our verified Dorm Grow coupon codes, of course!

If you want your garden to meet your expectations, you have to choose a lighting system that won’t let you down. Dorm Grow is an award-winning brand specializing in top-quality LED indoor grow light systems.

Whether you’re planting for the first time, already have a prospering garden, or are anywhere in between, Dorm Grow has the right product for your growing project. The company is devoted to manufacturing products that will reduce energy costs, maximize yields, and help your plants grow into spectacular specimens.

Popular Dorm Grow Products

For effective growing power, you need enhancing grow lights that can deliver the perfect light spectrum for every grow phase. The G8LEDs give your plants 3000k and 4000k diodes, 380nm to 780nm targeted range, and include ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. In addition, Dorm Grow lights touch all the colors in the light spectrum, enhancing trichome formation and maximizing your plants’ potency, yield, and quality. Get the absolute best grow lights on the market for less when you use our verified Dorm Grow promo codes.

Featured Dorm Grow Product

G8LED C2 Enhanced Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Featuring a built-in flower booster, the G8LED C2 includes Samsung 3000k and 4000k diodes and a blend of 380nm to 740nm with ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. It’s ideal for a 4’ x 4’ grow space and can grow your plants from seedling to harvest. It’s built to enhance all aspects of the growing process, giving you high-yielding, potent plants every time.

You can activate the flower booster at the push of a button to maximize flowering and give your plants that last extra boost that results in higher yields. Water-resistant, completely silent, and built to last, the C2 is the light your plants have been missing. Grab your set of LED lights and start growing a bigger garden today with our verified Dorm Grow discount codes and coupons.


Dorm Grow is ultra-confident in its products; that’s why it offers a 60-day risk-free 100% return policy on all its grow lights.

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