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About Clēēn Craft

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Cleen Craft is a cannabis beverage and juice company. The company makes beverages and juices infused with hemp-extracts that are claimed by them to help you in maintaining a perfectly balanced endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body. Their products are a perfect combination of real ingredients, real juice concentrates, pure ginger, sugar cane among others which come together to give you a truly functional effect that’s festive enough for a party and good for your recovery and wellness lifestyle at the same time. They are on a mission to bring about a culture where people can enjoy a beverage that gives them a good buzz you normally get without the obvious side-effects of an overindulged drinking binge. Their drinks can be consumed as a standalone drink, as a cocktail mixer or as a healthier replacement for your energy drinks. The multi-purpose usage capability of their products has enabled them to become really popular among their users.

Popular Cleen Craft Products

All Cleen Craft products are made with hemp extracts, nootropics and other natural ingredients and are non-alcoholic, THC free and made with locally sourced hemp made in the US. You can avail amazing discounts and savings when you use these exclusive Cleen Craft discount codes to meet your daily healthy beverage requirements. Some of their most popular products are –

Cleen Craft Cbd Drinks Coupons Lime Flavoured Cans

1. Cleen Craft Lime Flavoured Cans – The lime flavoured cans from Cleen Craft contains 16mg hemp extract per can and has a perfectly balanced sugared lime flavour with a touch of natural bitterness. Containing zero sugar or caffeine, this drink is very good for lifting your energy levels without the side-effects of a crash usually experienced with typical energy drinks.

Cleen Craft Cbd Drinks Coupons Ginger Flavoured Cans

2. Cleen Craft Ginger Flavoured Cans – This ginger flavoured drink from Cleen Craft contains the authentic and earthy taste you experience from a natural ginger flavour with a hint of sweetness to mellow the whole experience.

Cleen Craft Cbd Drinks Coupons Cola Flavoured Cans

3. Cleen Craft Cola Flavoured Cans – This cola flavoured drink has a caramel-riven sweetness that contains only 85 calories and designed to let you sit back and enjoy the relaxation you get from a sweet carbonated drink.

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