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About CannaBolix

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Cannabolix CBD Coupons Keep Yourself At Top

Cannabolix is a cannabis company that makes cannabis products focusing on athletes. Their mission is to make high quality and innovative cannabis products that enhance the overall performance of the human body. Their products are designed to improve an athlete’s balance and performance and help them in recovering after training sessions and competitions. And what works for world-class athletes will obviously work for normal folks like you and I. The driving philosophy of Cannabolix is to approach each product and idea with an open and curious mindset to continuously increase their own knowledge and use that acquired expertise in making innovative products that will push the boundaries of what cannabis products can do and become. One of their focus areas is also to educate other people about everything related to cannabis from the cannabis lifestyle to effective ways to consume cannabis, which is reflected in the extensive blog on their website.

Popular Cannabolix Products

The product line of Cannabolix consists of hemp flowers, drops, freeze gel, joints, tinctures and more. Get mind-blowing discounts on their products by using Cannabolix coupon codes. Some of their most popular products are –

Rise & Grind Morning Tincture Cannabolix Coupons

1. Rise & Grind Morning Tincture – The Rise & Grind Tincture from Cannabolix is available in a 30ml bottle and contains 30ml of cannabinoids per 1ml. It is completely free of THC and contains flavours of natural terpene limonene and fruity citrus. It contains cannabinoid oil, MCT oil and limonene terpene isolate as ingredients.

Cannabolix CBD Coupons Blend Hemp Joint

2. 3:1 Blend Hemp Joint – This 3:1 blend hemp joint from Cannabolix has 3 types of cannabinoids blended together to give you the maximum benefits of cannabinoids from a single joint.

Cannabolix CBD Coupons All Purpose Power Butter

3. All Purpose Power Butter: The All Purpose Power Butter contains 500mg of full-spectrum hemp oil and contains shea butter, infused cocout oil, olive oil, avocado oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon grass oil and calendula oil as ingredients.

Cannabolix CBD Coupons Lifter 20 Percent

4. Lifter 20% (Quarter) – The Lifter Hemp Flower from Cannabolix is pesticide free and grown organically in Oregon. It is a sativa dominant strain and provides an ultra-smooth smoke.

Cannabolix CBD Coupons Training Optimization

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