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About Us

Canna Comforts: the finest all-natural products on earth

Welcome to Canna Comforts, healing your mind, body and soul with the finest all-natural products on earth.

Canna Comforts was formed to help those in need of an all-natural, but effective alternative to prescription drugs. One of our founders battled cancer and found cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp as the best solution to help him get through chemotherapy and back to a normal life without going thru life “high”.

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Canna Comforts’ mission is to provide the absolute highest quality all-natural CBD products in the world. All our products are over the counter and never require a prescription or medical card.

Canna Comforts currently grows in 4 states! We started out in Colorado, and have expanded to; Wisconsin, Illinois, and New Mexico. Our plant genetics come from Colorado, Oregon, and California. In addition, we cook up a bit of our own strains to form you the highest quality Hemp CBD.

We pride ourselves on having the best hand harvested, whole plant cured, machine & hand trimmed Hemp CBD flowers.

Our product line continues to grow as we develop CBD products everyone needs.

We hope you join us on our expedition to provide the absolute best cannabidiol products on earth and live a better and healthier life using nature’s medicine.

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