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CaliConnected Coupon Code Online Discount Save On Cannabis

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The state of California is oftentimes perceived as a place for new beginnings. The Golden State became the epitome of the American Dream during the 1840’s Gold Rush, recognized early as a land of wealth & opportunity. California also played a central role in the renowned counterculture movements of the late 1960’s and 70’s. With today’s technological advances, the Californian Dream is no longer exclusive to those living on the West Coast and here at CaliConnected, we know another historical movement is just around the corner–legalization.
CaliConnected is an online headshop that aims to meet and exceed all of your smoking wants & needs in one convenient shopping experience. The company was founded by two connoisseurs of glass pipes & smoking apparatuses, with the vision to connect its customers with affordable hardware that can be proudly shown off. The CaliConnected name is all about the good vibes & freedom that are associated with California, highlighting the illegality & fun behind the counterculture movements of the 70’s through today’s libertarian acceptance.

What began as a wholesale operation in 2017 for supplying storefront smoke shops with cheap prices on high-quality bongs, vapes and everything in-between, quickly evolved into an online headshop offering those same budget-friendly savings to anyone of age with a computer or smartphone. It became our company mission to spread the love & connect all of our customers to the latest smoking brands, style, trends and most importantly equipment, at a bargain cost regardless of location.

Thanks to our industry experience, we used our established relationships with major brand names and amassed an endless supply of inventory that make up our affordable collections of glass bongs & water pipes, dab rigs & bubblers, vaporizers & e-nails, CBD oils, and an extensive selection of smoking accessories & gadgetry. We also maintain an expanding line of CaliConnected apparel found within our “Lifted Lifestyle” collection, a curated selection of 420-friendly products for yourself, your pets & your home. We aim to stay one step ahead of the competition by working closely with local artists for custom items and continue to explore the depths of the web to find new devices & tools in our industry to offer them on our website for the masses to enjoy.
At CaliConnected, customer service always comes first. We fulfill orders from California, Missouri, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida & Georgia. This vast disbursement of shipping locations allows us to provide free ground shipping on all US orders over $20 and an average turnaround time on delivery within 2-5 days! Our devoted Customer Care Team is based out of Pennsylvania, operating independently from the warehouses in order to provide our clients the fastest & most efficient help possible.
We are constantly making changes to the website layout to provide unparalleled accessibility and ease of use. If at any time you feel as though a product description is lacking, give us a shout at [email protected] and we will answer any questions you may have. One of those changes include the use of emoji’s to represent a products compatibility or purpose, as explained below. You can find a full list of our emoji symbols on our CaliConnected Keys to Success page.
In addition to ease of use & navigation, we strive to bring you the highest quality product photos & videos on our extensive selections of smoking devices & accessories.
From all aspects, we will continue working hard to become the most trusted and all-around best online headshop by the time of national legalization. Let us be your new connect and you too can get a taste of the sweet Cali Dream.

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