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A Los Angeles-based coffee roastery, Buddha Beans specializes in CBD-infused coffee beans. Started in 2018, Buddha Beans is the product of a passion for coffee and cannabis. Unable to settle for one or the other, the guys at Buddha Beans decided to combine them, bringing the best of both worlds to create unique, flavorful blends to revolutionize your coffee experience.

Buddha Beans collaborates with coffee farms worldwide to offer you a wide range of coffee flavors. Roasted in-house, Buddha Beans coffee is infused with organic hemp extract grown on a family-owned, USDA-certified farm located in Oregon. The end product is third-party lab tested, guaranteeing quality, potency, and safety in every coffee bag.

Popular Buddha Beans Products

If you like to start your day with a cup of joe, Buddha Beans has what you’re after. Choose between a vast selection of single-origin coffee beans from Burundi, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Mexico or exclusive blends that you’ll find nowhere else.

Every bag of Buddha Beans coffee is infused with 100% organic, non-GMO, hemp-derived CBD. It’s the best way to energize your body and mind while reducing the jitters associated with regular coffee. High-quality beans, expert roasting, and premium hemp extract, what else could you ask for?

Featured Buddha Beans Product

Buddha Beans Coffee Co CBD Coupon Burundi CBD Coffee

Burundi CBD Coffee

This single-origin hemp-infused Burundi coffee is a fascinating creation that marries the complex flavors of a full-bodied coffee with hemp’s herbal profile. You can expect a fruit-forward nutty flavor with undertones of cinnamon, honey, watermelon, and a twist of caramel.

It’s a rich, smooth, fragrant coffee that will energize and focus your mind, giving you a source of motivation that will empower your day. The mix of caffeine and CBD creates a balance that nullifies the jittery effects that caffeine can have on some people. You’ll still get the jolt you want from your cup of java, but you’ll get it in a smoother, gentler way. Grab a bag with our verified Buddha Beans promo codes to save money on your order.

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Buddha Beans makes more than great-tasting, hemp-infused coffee! It also produces a water-soluble CBD Tincture that combines vitamins and immune-boosting ingredients to keep you strong and healthy.

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