How Cannabis Can Help Us Through COVID

Author: Andrew Ward

By now, it’s clear that cannabis is essential in much of the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. The status is reflective of the aid cannabis provides patients and adult use consumers alike. However, it extends to others as well. 

The essential status of the industry and its doors staying open resulted in record sales across the market. That spike has led to upticks in the cannabis market, allowing some, but not all, to avoid laying off staff. In some cases, temporary staffing has gone through the roof, giving hope for some roles to become permanent in the long-run. 

For patients and consumers largely hunkered down at home, relief comes in the obvious and not so apparent forms. These are a few ways they can be put to use.

Cannabis May Help Relieve Medical, Quarantine Symptoms

Cannabis was deemed essential because of its importance in treating a myriad of patients. However, its impact on everyday consumers may be just as immense during the stay-at-home orders that upended the public’s daily lives, sleep schedules and much more. 

The psychological effects a quarantine has on an individual can be staggering and wide-ranging. Acute stress disorder is common. As is exhaustion, irritability, detachment from others, poor concentration and other symptoms. Such symptoms can worsen if a person doesn’t feel like they are given adequate information, or are left in quarantine without a definite end date. 

Thankfully, cannabis has long been believed to alleviate many of the conditions listed above. Marijuana is a lab-studied substance that can reduce stress and anxiety in consumers. As such, the proper dose of cannabis might ease irritation and feelings of detachment during the quarantine. 

The same may be the case for exhaustion, where marijuana can serve as a sleep aid and provide feelings of relaxation. Keep in mind that select studies concluded that CBD may be more effective in treating insomnia. In these cases, it has been suggested that THC can lessen sleep latency but may impair the quality of sleep over time. Some also prefer CBD because it provides similar relief as THC without the psychoactive “high.” 

Consumers will want to find the right dosage for their body to achieve the ideal results. More on that below. 

That said, any dose of smoke could be a concern. Recent reports suggest that cannabis, like other smoked or vaped products, can raise the risk of COVID-19 complications. Edibles, discussed more in-depth below, is a viable option. Other than edibles, tinctures, capsules and other forms of non-smoked cannabis also make viable options that should lessen any coronavirus conflicts.

Relief Delivered to Your Door

Home delivery keeps us home, minimizing our risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Like many essential businesses, cannabis retailers moved further towards mail and delivery options as COVID-19 took effect. Already popular among many in the community, the appeal of delivery shot through the roof as coronavirus fears and stay-at-home orders became a reality. The appeal grew even more when several states, including New York and Delaware, temporarily relaxed laws to accommodate safe cannabis transactions. 

With delivered cannabis, consumers can ride out this pandemic with fewer concerns over social distancing. Most companies adapted to the changing demand by instituting new safety standards to keep patients and delivery employees at minimal risk when picking up an order. The steps help ease concerns while providing consumers with an item that should just as well help them reduce their tensions. 

If you plan on picking up during the stay-at-home orders, be sure to place an online delivery order whenever possible. And be sure to thank your delivery person from six feet or more away. They’re putting themselves on the line to give us relief that would otherwise be difficult to receive. 

Cannabis Edibles: A Possible Dual-Purpose During COVID-19

Those seeking nourishment and plant-based relief at the same time may turn to an edible. That said, they shouldn’t, in most cases, if they seek a proper meal option. 

With edibles, not only can a person satisfy some of their cravings, they can receive a high that is more potent and longer-lasting than smoking cannabis flower. As such, it may be an ideal solution to replacing smoked items during the pandemic. 

That said, using edibles as a meal option isn’t advised in most cases. Replacing your diet with savory snacks certainly isn’t the way to go. However, relief can be found in infused olive oils, cannabutters and powdered supplements when used as ingredients in larger offerings. Some use the powder in meals, infusing the cannabis into soups, sauces and a range of other items. A more simple creation includes adding the powder to any drink. In that case, simply add the desired amount and stir.

Either way, these DIY creations may also help you fight off quarantine effects by giving you a productive hobby to pass the time.  

No matter the use, it is important to practice the start low, go slow method discussed above. With edibles being three to four times more potent than smoked flower, you don’t want to overdo it, especially during these mentally taxing times. 

A Possible Personal Financial Stimulator

Cannabis took its fair share of hits in the market before COVID-19 ever came onto the scene. Fighting its way through an already bearish market, the marijuana space now finds itself getting battered about by the coronavirus, like much of the stock market. Facing an up and down industry, cannabis isn’t a short-term investment. However, it could be in for a rebound, according to some financial minds. 

Despite the repeated market setbacks, certain experts still say significant players could be worth investing in. That said, other top names could be ones to avoid in a post-coronavirus marketplace. With such uncertainty and the long-term focus of the industry, substantial gains won’t come anytime soon. However, savvy minds may find a few cannabis stocks at lower prices and pad their portfolios. If legalization occurs and companies play their cards right, investors could find personal gains, possibly providing a brief silver lining to the circumstances. 

With cannabis, the public gets a relief that otherwise might not be afforded. During these trying times, marijuana is proving itself vital to patients, adult use consumers, employees and local markets. For consumers, the plant offers the benefits discussed tirelessly, as well as opportunities that might prove beneficial in the long- and short-run of time. 

Consume Responsibly 

Each person responds to cannabis differently. As such, it is best to consume responsibly and to your body’s needed levels. Each person is different when it comes to their response to the plant and each of its strains. When uncertain of what to consume, start low and go slow. Consume a small amount and evaluate over a period of time. If your body needs more in a half hour, consume the same dosage and continue to evaluate. 

For some consumers, they understand that low dose consumption, also known as microdosing, gives them better control of their experience without feeling too high. This method can be effective for consumers in a long-term capacity, as well as help when determining your ideal tolerance. To microdose, follow a similar approach to the previous paragraph using a smaller dose each time. Take singular puffs and evaluate how you feel. When it comes to edibles, strive to make your snacks or meal options with a low dose of cannabis to generate a relaxed effect without an overwhelming high. Or, make small sized edibles with very low and controlled doses to enjoy micro dosing. Find what works for you as you safely consume through the process. 

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