Does CBD Aid in Weight Loss and Improve Metabolism?

Ongoing studies show promising results that CBD oil boosts metabolism and aids weight loss. CBD oil is said to help burn fat faster and promotes weight loss.  Please note, this article is not meant to be medical advice and no claims in this article are guaranteed they are provided as an update on studies that are happening in relation to CBD and weight loss.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the widely known cannabinoids besides THC. Unlike THC, it does not make one “high” when used. Promoting weight loss is one of the numerous health benefits of CBD. 

Besides relieving muscle pain, cannabidiol has shown favorable outcomes regarding losing fat and improving overall metabolism. CBD is often applied for its organic remedial effect. As consuming CBD has shown to cause little to no side effects, more people are being drawn to it. 

If you are looking for natural aids for weight loss, CBD can be a good choice as it has shown significant results and has minimal side effects. This article will demonstrate how trying out CBD can enhance your metabolism and help in reducing weight.

CBD Promotes Fat Breakdown

In numerous studies, it has been found that CBD increases lipolysis in adipose tissues. Lipolysis means the breakdown of fats. Adipose tissues are fat.

Adipose tissues are mainly composed of white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT). WAT is commonly known as white fat. BAT is commonly known as brown fat.

White fat is undesirable and brown fat is desired more. This is because white fat persists and accumulates in the body, mainly in the abdomen and hips; whereas brown fat is metabolically active and breaks down easily.

White fat is also known to increase the risk of heart diseases. It also lowers the metabolic activity of brown fat. This is why white fat is considered to be bad fat. Hence, it is ideal to have more brown fat than white fat.

To burn more fat, you need to convert the white fat into brown fat. This is where CBD comes into play. CBD aids the conversion of white cells to brown cells. This conversion is known as browning. CBD efficiently suppresses the storage of fats (white fat) and enhances its breakdown instead.

CBD Lowers Appetite

 In some studies, unlike THC, cannabidiol is found to reduce appetite. The body has two significant cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2.

THC increases appetite by interacting with CB1. When CB1 is activated, it increases appetite by producing ghrelins and other chemical substances. 

Cannabidiol has an antagonistic effect on the CB1 receptor and therefore inhibits its activity. 

On the other hand, when CB2 is activated, it reduces food intake and inflammation. Cannabidiol interacts with CB2, upon its interaction, the appetite is reduced.

Another study showed that the appetite of rats gets suppressed when exposed to cannabidiol. However, proper evidence of the same effect on humans is yet to be found.

CBD Lowers Cortisol Levels

When cortisol levels increase mostly due to stress, it makes the body more resistant to insulin which in turn increases blood sugar and causes weight gain.

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the body in response to stress. It makes your body prepared for any possible adverse encounters. It enables the “fight” mode in the body when the body thinks it is at risk.

High levels of cortisol promote excessive eating, increasing the likelihood of gaining weight.

It was found in a scientific study that CBD lowers cortisol resulting in stress relief, sleep improvement; consequently, slowing down weight gain.

CBD Aids in Preventing Metabolic Disorders

There have been numerous metabolic disorders related directly to obesity. The most prominent metabolic disorders are usually high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Some scientific reviews revealed that CBD aids in controlling such health issues.

It has been found that with CBD 25% of total cholesterol has been decreased in rats obesity. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have also appeared to improve liver health and lower blood sugar.

CBD Reduces the Formation of Fat

Excess fat produced by the body gets stored in the adipose tissue. The storing of fat increases the probability of weight gain and obesity if not properly controlled.

Many studies are going on regarding this, some scientific papers have already been published showing how CBD limits excess fat production and therefore, helps in preventing excess weight gain.

CBD Combats Alcohol-Induced Liver Steatosis

Deterioration of the liver also causes several metabolic dysfunctions. Alcohol has a prevailing adverse effect on the liver which leads to numerous liver diseases like liver cirrhosis and liver steatosis. CBD has also been found to have protective and beneficial effects on the liver.

Liver steatosis is the penetration or build-up of fat in the liver cells caused by any disruption in its metabolism. It is mostly caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

The antioxidant properties of CBD have been found to prevent the oxidative stress caused by steatosis, protecting the liver from unsavory effects of alcohol-induced liver dysfunction.

Amongst so many helpful uses, the action of CBD against hepatic metabolic disorders has made its use even more promising. CBD can give hope to any recovering alcoholic and reverse the after-effects of alcohol.

CBD as Healthy Alternatives.

When you are trying to lose weight, it is quite essential to consume less fat and sugar. You would be willing to try out healthy alternatives. Moreover, you might also be planning to have a regular dose of CBD to act as a supplement.

Intake of CBD as an alternative is the way to go. When you are craving candies, instead of having the unhealthy candies containing high sugar, you can munch on CBD gummies UK. You can also opt for CBD edibles like brownies. Snacking on CBD protein bars is also a nutritious substitute when you get hungry. 

Despite hard evidence that is yet to be found, CBD has been giving promising results in the ongoing experiments, portraying its versatile uses. It has been used as a natural remedy for most ailments since ancient times.

Now it is gaining back its popularity as more people have started to vouch for it over time. Due to its negligible side effects, it would be a good idea to take CBD as a supplement along with a healthy diet and proper exercise.

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