Differences Between Pet CBD and Human CBD

There should not be any substantial differences between the CBD that you would take yourself and the CBD that you give to your pet except for concentration. Naturally, you want to give your pet the same kind of quality that you seek out for yourself. A very high-quality pet CBD oil like that produced by Innovet Pet will be marked by the same characteristics that distinguish quality human CBD oil:

  •     Organic. Hemp draws heavy minerals and pesticides from the soil very easily, making an organic choice extremely important.
  •     Full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD oil offers all of the benefits found in CBD, offering an entourage effect that can be more effective.
  •     Third-party tested. The CBD that you choose should be tested by a third-party lab so you can feel confident in its quality, efficacy, and safety.

Difference in Dosing

The one place you will find a difference between human and pet CBD oil is in the dosing. Quality pet CBD oil is manufactured at different concentrations for different sized pets. Here is the kind of concentration per 30ml bottle you should expect:


Up to 25lbs

25 – 50lbs250mg
50 – 75lbs750mg
75 – 100lbs1500mg
100 – 125lbs3000mg
Over 125lbs6000mg


Pets receive CBD oil depending on their size and desired effect. For instance, a 20lb pet would receive approximately .52 – 11.46mg every 6 to 8 hours. A human may take between 20mg – 1500mg in the same time period, depending on how severe their symptoms may be and how much they weigh.

It is a mistake to assume that pets and people weighing the same amount would take the same dosage of CBD. A pet that weighs 150lbs madifferent-sizedy take between 6.26mg and 87.64mg depending on the effects required, whereas a human of the same size may well take up to 1500mg.

This is because humans and animals process CBD differently than one another. Although both humans and animals have a cannabinoid system and receptors which receive CBD, the CBD may act differently within their different systems.

How to Determine Dosage for Your Pet

It is best to start with the minimum recommended dosage for your pet and gradually work your way up to get the results you’re looking for. This is the same way that you would determine dosage for yourself.

It is important to see how the CBD will affect your pet before you begin using higher dosages. How can you tell how the CBD is affecting your pet? Carefully grade your pet’s symptoms before starting CBD treatment and again after treatment has begun.

For instance, if your pet is suffering from joint pain, you may note that they struggled to go up the stairs before treatment and notice that they have no trouble with the stairs after treatment has begun. If they can handle the stairs better than previously but still seem to be experiencing stiffness, a slight increase in the dosage may be recommended.

Can Human and Pet CBD Oil be Used Interchangeably?

Assuming you are choosing a very high-quality CBD oil and know exactly the concentration, it would be possible for you to use the same CBD oil for yourself or your pet. You need to know exactly what concentration of CBD per milliliter you have and make sure that you are dosing appropriately for yourself or your pet.

It is difficult to overdose your pet with CBD, however since CBD oil typically contains small amounts of THC, it is possible that your pet could get too much THC if given too strong a dose of CBD oil. Effects of THC overdose include gastrointestinal upset, sedation, urinary incontinence, and ataxia. In some rare cases of THC toxicity, IV fluids support and anti-nausea medication may be necessary.

From most pet parents, it is generally advisable to choose CBD oil specifically designed for your pets to be used for pets and to get CBD oil designed for human use for yourself. This way, you won’t have to worry about confusing dosages. Furthermore, because THC is not well-tolerated in pets, high-quality CBD oil designed for pets may have lower THC than quality CBD oil designed for people.

Choose the Right CBD for You And Your Pet

There will be lots of similarities between the best CBD oil for you and your pet. However, in order to make dosing convenient, it is typically best to choose products designed for either you or your best friend. Whatever product you choose, make sure it is organic, third-party tested, and as pure as possible. 


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