How to Stop Feeling High: 3 Cures of Marijuana Anxiety & Paranoia

In 2007, an audio recording of a Michigan police officer’s call to 911 went viral. The emergency? They were high on pot brownies. REALLY high. So high that they believed if they weren’t rushed to the hospital immediately they would be dead. As it turned out, they weren’t suffering from anything other than marijuana anxiety, an unpleasant but harmless and fleeting emotional state triggered by an unexpectedly potent dose of THC.

Since drug overdoses kill so many Americans every day, why was this incident so hilarious that even the 911 operator couldn’t keep herself from laughing during the call?

First and most importantly: You cannot die from overdosing from marijuana. Deaths from opiate and alcohol overdoses happen because those substances can depress the respiratory system after the user has become unconscious. Cannabis does not cause respiratory depression.

popular search phrases related to how to stop feeling high
You aren’t the only person who has frantically Googled, “Can you die from getting too high?”

The other important thing to note is that the cop and his wife’s experience was very relatable and we were laughing with them, remembering when we felt the same way, only to be and feel absolutely fine (well, maybe a little embarrassed) in a matter of minutes.

Most cannabis users have experienced at least a moment or two of that anxious, paranoid, and even panicky feeling that comes after an unexpectedly intense buzz from THC. Listening to that 911 call reminded many of us of our own panic-stricken moments, staring at ourselves in the mirror in the bathroom, or stuck on the couch, wondering if maybe we had already died…

According to SEMrush, the exact phrase “how to stop being high” is submitted to search engines 4,000 times each month (and about 25 similar phrases are queried at least a thousand times every single month). In other words, if you have ever felt overwhelmed by THC, you are not alone.

What can you do the next time you are hit with an intense episode of marijuana anxiety? We’ve got the three best things to do to immediately relieve your discomfort. Not only do I personally vouch for their effectiveness, but so does science (and Willie Nelson)!

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Three Cures for Anxiety and Paranoia Associated with Marijuana Use

  1. Take Cannabidiol (CBD).  THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and contentment when you take cannabis. Unfortunately, it is also what causes the paranoia and anxiety associated with feeling too high.Amazingly enough, the cannabis plant has its own natural antidote for taking too much THC: the non-psychoactive cannabinoid known as cannabidiol (or CBD). THC creates symptoms of being high by binding to the cannabinoid receptors in our brain. CBD will block THC from binding to those receptors, reducing and eventually eliminating your marijuana paranoia and weed induced panic.CBD has a ton of health benefits and is legal in most states (even states where THC is illegal). Just remember to take pure CBD that does not contain any THC. Even CBD-dominant strains of cannabis contain some THC, which will interfere with the CBD’s ability to make you feel better.

    Best advice? Be ready before you smoke! Use our CBD coupons page to stock up just in case you overindulge.

  2. Chewing or Sniffing Peppercorn. Cannabis icon Willie Nelson popularized this home remedy for weed anxiety and smoking too much long before scientists discovered why it works. Peppercorn binds to the same receptors in our brain as cannabinoids do so they disrupt and steal THC’s seat at the receptor table, eliminating its ability to affect your brain.The next time you start feeling that anxiety when smoking weed, chew or deeply inhale the scent of a few pepper balls. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!
  3. Extreme Changes in Body Temperature. Even if you can’t block THC from binding to your cannabinoid receptors, there are other ways to reduce its ability to impact its physiological impact. THC levels will drop if your blood pressure and oxygen levels drop.Thanks to our survival instincts, we can trigger those things to happen without actually putting our lives at risk. Taking a very cold shower, dunking your head in ice water, or splashing cold water on your face will stimulate the mammalian diving reflex.The cold water sends an alert you may be in danger of drowning. Your body wants to save energy and oxygen to increase your chances of survival so it reacts immediately by slowing down your heart rate and oxygen intake, weakening the THC and receptor’s connection and reducing your symptoms of being high.
    A man and woman are smiling together while lying in bed in a romantic setting.
    When dealing with marijuana anxiety, having sex with someone you trust is a great way to boost your heart rate and endorphins while distracting yourself from your anxiety and restoring your feelings of well-being,

    If you can’t get ice-cold, consider getting a little sweaty! A walk around the block will increase your heart rate and level of endorphins, which can block the effects of THC. Engaging in endorphin-and heart rate-boosting sexual activity is a great way to get those effects, too, (and distract yourself from feeling too high!)

When you are feeling the symptoms of cannabis overindulgence and suspect you may be having a full-blown panic attack, consult a medical professional. Tell them you are having a cannabis-induced anxiety or panic attack and they will help you.

The most important thing to remember is that you will be okay despite the fact that you think you won’t be.

Your mind is playing a trick on you. Very soon, the trick will end and you will feel like yourself again.

Have you ever tried these remedies for marijuana paranoia or weed anxiety? Do you have any cures you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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