4 Ways To Incorporate CBD Into Your Meditation Practice

Meditation And Cannabis

Stress is inevitable with the pressure and challenges to make ends meet today. Everyone has their way to ease the stress and relax their mind. Some will sleep it off and write down what’s in their minds, while others will talk to their close friends. While all these are helpful, meditating remains the number one means of clearing your mind and restoring your inner peace. 

Meditation is cost-effective and only requires an open mind and high concentration. It is available to people of all ages and requires no specific setup. Whether you are traveling, taking a morning run, busy at your workplace, you can practice meditation. People have been practicing this routine for many years to restore their mental health and fight illnesses like asthma, insomnia, depression, migraines, and heart diseases.

CBD and meditation.

While the effects of meditation on one’s mind are remarkable, taking CBD products before and after your meditating session can make your experience even more fruitful. CBD is a mood-boosting property. Having a positive feeling puts your mind at ease and makes the meditating session a success. 

Incorporating CBD into meditation practice also enhances concentration, especially at the beginning of the meditation session when one gets easily distracted by other thoughts or random happenings in your environment. Body discomforts like tensed muscles and joint pains can interfere with your meditation practice. CBD helps in reducing muscle soreness and relieving pain.

 If you are wondering how you can use Sunday Scaries, CBD oils, tinctures, or other CBD edibles to enhance your meditation, here are some tips; 

Yoga And Cbd

Add CBD to pre-meditation drinks.

Taking a cup of tea first thing in the morning rejuvenates your body in a great way. Also, a cup of coffee after a long day of work helps you feel re-energized.  Now, imagine how good your body will feel after taking some tea with some CBD in it. People underestimate CBD tea’s effects and will only use it when they are resting or willing to take a nap.

Drinking CBD tea before your meditation session helps to lighten your moods. Though it takes longer to feel the effects, CBD tea will enhance your meditation hour greatly. Take the drink one hour before beginning your session, or carry it to your meditation class to keep your body hydrated. Take it today, and you will include it in your before meditation to-do list.

If you like to fix something light to take before meditating, do so using CBD oil. You might not feel the effects the first time of using it, but you will feel more energetic when starting your meditation routine with time. You can also add CBD oils to your salads, puddings, and smoothies or purchase snacks with CBD to take before meditating.

Vape CBD before meditating.

If you are meditating in between tight schedules and you need to bring your mind to concentrate quickly, try CBD vaping. Vaping involves heating the CBD, which means you will take it in a more stable form. It makes the CBD absorption rate higher, meaning you will feel the product’s effects almost instantly.

Meditate With Cbd

Use CBD shower products.

Everyone knows that showering after a long day of many activities helps to rid fatigue and calm your mind. If a regular shower has this power, imagine showering with CBD products that have therapeutic effects on the body. Using shower gels, soaps, and creams when taking baths will help you achieve an added balance to your bath time. Your body will be more relaxed, and your mind clear to hit that meditation session. You can also use CBD lotions, balms, and oils after the shower to activate your muscles.

Use CBD tinctures.

This is another efficient and fast way to feel the CBD effects on your body. CBD tinctures are products extracted after soaking a hemp plant in alcohol or oil. They are similar to CBD isolates because they are more refined than other CBD products. To feel their effect, place some drops under your tongue, where they then get absorbed into the bloodstream via blood capillaries. Wait for a few minutes and then swallow the remaining oil for absorption through the digestive tract. 

Compared to other CBD intake means, a small dosage of CBD tinctures is enough to benefit your body. If you are new to tinctures, start slow with small doses and increase the quantity with time to find the amount that best works for your body.

Yoga Pose


If you are a beginner in meditation, there is a possibility you are not getting the outcomes you are looking for. Meditating is a skill, and you will get better with time. The same applies to CBD’s effects on meditation. If you are a new user, it will take some time before you can feel its impact on the body, even when used as a treatment for other conditions. Remain consistent, and you will gradually see how it will enhance your breathing and focus in meditation.

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