Write for Us About Cannabis

Write for Us About Cannabis

Do You Know About Cannabis?

Write for the World's largest online cannabis coupon code directory and eCommerce product discovery hub.  Our domain authority is continually growing so if you have the ability to write high quality cannabis related content we would love to talk with you.  Whether your expertise is CBD or THC products, or even growing we are interested in connecting.

Writing for Save On Cannabis is a great writing opportunity for exposure to an interested cannabis audience, learn more about us here.

Cannabis Guest Post Opportunities

If you are looking to offer your content as a guest post, read what organic opportunities are available here.  We have guidelines for quality that will need to be followed for any content we would look to publish.

Organic Opportunities For your Cannabis and CBD Content

Our visitors are highly interested in CBD and we have grown a solid reputation as being a source for CBD and cannabis content.  Our reach is organic and growing daily by work with our SEO agency, so know that your content on our site will get more value every day.  Write for us to maximize the organic reach of your content and take advantage of our growing domain authority.

Guest Post Content Guidelines

Guest posts must be 100% original and will not ever be repurposed for usage on another site.  Each guest post must contain a minimum of 1500 words.  No promotional / commercial language and no links allowed to brand or blog pages.  Content is for readers to be informed about the topic and make a sound decision based on the info learned.  Avoid topics that are widely covered on the web. Before you start writing, search for the topic on Google if there are other articles covering the exact same idea(s) we will not want to publish a flooded marketing piece.

If you are going to move forward with posting your created content on our site please reach out and we can share the full list of guidelines that must be followed, but first review the media kit below to decide on the level of content you are providing.

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