Types of Muscle Cramps & How to Ease them With the Help of CBD

Well-being is a combination of our physical and mental health. Our muscles are the moving force of our body and it’s important for our health that our muscles are healthy and strong. Messages in the form of electrical impulses are sent from our brain to our muscles through our nervous system to help us control our muscles. If these messages are not working as they should, it can result in cramps. 

What is a Muscle Cramp?

A muscle cramp is a muscular disorder that means a muscle is contracting involuntarily. One or more muscles can be affected at the same time. Muscle cramps can be very painful and are very often related to neurological issues. In addition to pain, muscle cramps can also result in difficulties moving, while muscle twitching is another potential symptom. Cramps can be a short-term condition, but they can also be persistent.

Types of Cramp

Cramps can be categorized into different types, below are some you are most likely to encounter.

True Cramps

True cramps occur in single muscles or groups of muscles that function together. True cramps can be an ongoing result of an injury or excessive exercise, while dehydration is another potential cause. The symptoms can arise immediately and remain for long periods of time, meaning the nerves are affected.

Night Cramps 

Night cramps are more common at an advanced age, but they can happen at any age. These cramps tend to happen at night, hence their name “night cramps” or “nocturnal cramps”. Potential causes include, but are not limited to: prolonged standing, shortened tendons, abnormal nerve activity, muscle overexertion, and leading a sedentary lifestyle.


Tetany is a condition that means your muscles are contracting uncontrollably, resulting in tremors, spasms, or cramps. The condition can occur in any muscle of the body, including those in your fingers and face, and it can be very painful and long-lasting. One of the most common causes of tetany is hypocalcemia, which means there is not enough calcium in the body. 

Dystonic Cramp

Dystonic cramp means that certain muscles are activated when they are not needed. The muscles involved tend to be those that help perform the opposite of the intended action, making it difficult for the patient to perform tasks. A fairly common cause of dystonic cramps is repetitive movements, such as playing an instrument. 

Regardless of the type of cramp the patient is experiencing, it can be very painful. If you do experience a cramp then you should stop what you are doing and try and rest the affected muscle. In many cases, the cramp will go away within a few hours. 

Treatment for Cramps 

Treatment for cramps often involves painkillers to help relieve the patient of their discomfort. A wide variety of painkillers are available but, still, a lot of people have difficulty finding a treatment that is effective. The good news is that CBD may be the answer to many peoples’ prayers. 

Topical CBD products are becoming an increasingly popular solution for relieving pain, including pain from cramps. They are easy to use as they can simply be rubbed into the affected muscle.

How Topical CBD Works for Muscle Soreness and Pain

CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which will help to relax the muscles. With the muscles relaxed the condition is likely to be less painful for the patient. CBD also interacts with the endocannabinoid system in a way that helps make the body less sensitive to pain, further reducing the severity of the patient’s symptoms. Not only that, but CBD also has a calming effect and can also help people sleep, which is also very welcome considering cramps and other pains can cause sleepless nights for people. 

Different CBD products are more or less suitable for treating different things, so you will need to make sure you get the product that’s best suited for your needs. You will find a lot of information online about different products, and you can also try asking around among people who already use CBD.

How to Apply CBD Topical to Get the Best Results

For the best results, you should apply your CBD oil directly onto the affected muscle. If you are using CBD for the first time then you should only use a small amount to begin with, gradually increasing the amount you use if you need to. The oil will be absorbed into the skin but not into the blood, so it should only affect the area where it has been applied. CBD oil is also fairly fast-working and you should hopefully begin to experience pain relief in just a few minutes or so. What’s more is that it is also safe to use in conjunction with other medication, helping to maximize the results further. 


If you suffer from cramps for any reason, then CBD could be just what you need. CBD is very affordable, easy to use, readily available, and many people claim it helps to make their life a lot more comfortable. It is available in numerous forms including in topical products that are ideal for relieving pain from cramps. Bear in mind to ask around the get the product that’s best for you, and you should hopefully find that your pain from muscle cramps and issues is relieved. 

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