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Get the biggest discounts on the most exclusive rolling papers on the planet with our verified Shine coupons and promo codes.

Lavish, exclusive, and downright outrageous, Shine has taken joint smoking to the next level. Inspired by the Black Tie Cigar by London Cut, the guys at Shine set out to do something no one else had thought about doing: making 24 karat gold rolling paper. They created the perfect ratio of high-quality hemp rolling paper and edible gold, ensuring that it burns as great as it looks.

Shine has become an iconic brand in high circles, making herb smoking an exclusive affair – a must-have at special events and private parties. It’s the ultimate gift to yourself or a loved one and a great way to immortalize a special occasion. Shine has completely changed the game by bringing a little gold into our lives.

Popular Shine Products

Making the perfect 24-karat gold rolling paper was a bold move, but why stop there when you already have the winning recipe? Shine has king-size rolling papers for long-lasting sessions, white gold papers to switch up your style, and 24-karat gold blunt wraps that are sure to light up the party. But that’s not all; Shine’s Pure Leaf series comprises hand-selected tobacco leaves available in four flavors: Chocolate Vanilla, Double Cup, Golden Honey, and Natural. And if gold isn’t your thing, you can choose their ultra-thin, slow-burning hemp paper for the cleanest-tasting paper you’ve ever tried. Get site-wide discounts with our exclusive Shine promo coupons.

Featured Shine Product

Shine Papers Smoking Accessories Coupons Gold Cone

Shine Gold Cone – When you need a joint to mark an occasion, you need something unique, something unforgettable that people will talk about for years to come. You need a Shine Gold Cone. It’s a 24-karat gold pre-rolled cone that looks and feels luxurious and burns smoothly from top to bottom. Choosing a pre-rolled cone over rolling papers is a safer bet if your rolling skills aren’t tip-top. All you have to do is fill the cone, pack it to your desired tightness, spark it and light up the party with an unforgettable Shine. Don’t forget to grab your Gold Cone for less by using our verified Shine Gold Cone coupons.

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Shine has plenty of awesome merchandise to keep you looking fresh. They have Shine t-shirts, hoodies, snapbacks, and even sunglasses. Don’t have enough Shine? Get yourself a Shine grinder and rolling tray.

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