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About Lowell Herb Co – Lowell Smokes CBD

Lowell Herb Co – Lowell Smokes CBD Coupon Codes

Use our Lowell Herb Co. coupon codes to save on craft cannabis flowers and the finest cold-pressed extracts. Lowell Herb Co. is a cannabis farm that focuses on cultivating premium cannabis flowers. Tucked away in the hills of Central California, the Lowell farm unites every element needed to grow top crops, namely an open space with rich soil, dedicated farmers, organic products, and plenty of sunshine. Lowell Herb Co. is proud to grow its crops with sustainable natural materials and never use pesticides or harmful chemicals. What’s most apparent about Lowell Herb Co. is its passion for growing cannabis and helping people benefit from the herb’s magical properties.

Popular Lowell Herb Co. Products

Lowell Herb Co. products all start with top-quality marijuana. Their premium flowers are expertly dried, cured, and trimmed to perfection. But cannabis flowers aren’t all Lowell Herb Co. has in store for you. They make pre-rolled marijuana cigarette packs that save you the trouble of rolling them yourself. Individual cones are also available if you want to have an exceptionally long session with a friend.

Having an abundance of top cannabis flowers gives Lowell Herb Co. the means to produce the best hash. Lowell Herb Co. offers a dazzling line of hashish that is bound to pique your interest. Choose from bubble hash, pre-rolled hash joints, or full-melt hash for your hashish cravings. And they haven’t forgotten about vape lovers by offering a line of premium rosin and first-rate vapes. Whatever you choose from Lowell Herb Co. is sure to be a fantastic, first-class product.

Featured Lowell Herb Co. Product

Lowell Herb Co Cbd Coupons The Energy Sativa

Eighth Pack – The Energy Sativa – The Energy Sativa is a stylish pack crammed with perfectly rolled marijuana cigarettes. Lowell Herb Co. blends the finest cannabis flower strains with a clear purpose: to craft a Sativa-dominant blend that will bring lightness and spirit to your day. It’s formulated to inspire your mind to accomplish your daily goals and go beyond your expectations. *

The Energy Sativa is best used before you undertake a creative task or if you want to benefit from a creative edge. This isn’t a blend that’s made for couch slouching or napping; you’ll want to move and be active throughout the day with this one. Each pack holds six cannabis cigarettes that amount to 3.5 grams of the finest Sativa blend on the market. *

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The farm was named after William “Bull” Lowell. A gentleman who loved growing marijuana on his California property in the early 1900s. He was hated for growing the plants and asked to stop growing, but he refused and was eventually imprisoned. Today, Lowell Herb Co. pays tribute to the man and his passion for cannabis by naming their farm after him and placing a bull on their logo.

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