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Get incredible discounts on the most sought-after metal dugout on the net using our 7vn coupons and The Stashcase coupon codes. Since 2017, 7vn manufactures high-quality, stylish dugouts and one-hitters. Like many of their peers, the team at 7vn was tired of poorly made stash holders. They felt none of the market brands were making products that reflected how people felt about their herb.

So, they decided to create dugouts and one-hitters that you would be proud to hold. To make the best products possible, they paid attention to how people reacted to the look, feel, and convenience of their dugouts and one-hitters. Listening to their customers helped make 7vn one of the most reliable brands in the cannabis accessories industry.

Popular 7VN Products

7vn specializes in producing state-of-the-art dugouts and one-hitters. Every product they place on the market is crafted to be durable, useful, affordable, and discreet. They were designed with elegance and functionality in mind. Meanwhile, the concept is straightforward: to allow you to take your herb on the go in the most dashing fashion possible. 7vn products are your way to take your cannabis with you no matter where you go.

Featured 7vn Product

7Vn Smoking Accessories Coupons Stashcase

The Stashcase – The Stashcase is a minimalist stash box that fits in the palm of your hand. It holds everything you need to take your herb on the go; stash your lighter, herb, and one-hitter all in one place. To ensure that you keep your weed under the radar, The Stashcase has an airtight mechanism that makes it smell-proof. You’ll find it smooth to the touch and wonderful to hold. And to keep everything intact, the premium quality machined anodized aluminum makes this dugout sturdy and nearly indestructible.

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7vn offers two types of one-hitters that are tailormade for your Stashcase. The 100% titanium one-hitter is sturdy and beautifully polished, while the 100% ceramic one-hitter mimics the looks of a cigarette for the ultimate incognito experience. Both will fit The Stashcase and are fast-cooling to allow you to take multiple hits.

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