Error Correction Policy

At, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable information about cannabis and hemp products. We understand that errors can occur, and we have established a clear procedure for addressing them. This procedure ensures that we maintain our commitment to transparency and accuracy.

Identifying Errors

Errors can be identified in two ways:

  1. User Feedback: We encourage our users to report any errors they find in our content. Users can report errors through our online chat, email at, phone at 415-843-7283 (SAVE), mail at 1887 Whitney Mesa Dr #8277, Henderson, NV 89014, or our Trustpilot page. We also have a dedicated page for users to report any issues with the brands featured on our site at
  2. Internal Review: Our team regularly reviews our content to ensure its accuracy. If we identify an error during these reviews, we initiate our error correction procedure.

Correcting Errors

Once an error has been identified, we take the following steps to correct it:

  1. Verification: We first verify the error. This involves reviewing the content and the reported error, and confirming that the error exists.
  2. Correction: Once the error has been verified, we correct it. This involves amending the original content to remove the error and replace it with accurate information.
  3. Notification: If the error is significant, we may also post a notification about the correction. This could involve a note at the end of the article indicating that it has been corrected, and in some cases, a social media post announcing the correction.

Our Commitment

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy in our content. We understand that our users rely on us for accurate and reliable information about cannabis and hemp products, and we take this responsibility seriously.

By adhering to this error correction policy, we aim to ensure that our content is as accurate and reliable as possible. We welcome feedback from our users and appreciate their help in identifying any errors in our content.

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