Ideas for Replacing Alcohol with Cannabis at Events

You may have toasted champagne with a roomful of friends or enjoyed cocktails with coworkers a number of times, but would you be surprised if you found yourself sparking a joint instead? You shouldn’t be.

Cannabis is being incorporated into events of all kinds because it tends to lighten the mood and bring people together. Recent legalization efforts have made it possible for cannabis to become a regular part of many social events, and catering companies and event planners are catching onto the trend.

The benefits of adding cannabis to your events are plentiful. It could be a useful way to start new conversations, lower social anxiety, and boost overall mood. Just like many traditional drinking games played at these gatherings, there are many exciting ways to add cannabis to the mix.

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Why Would You Want to Choose Cannabis Over Alcohol at Events?

Alcohol is often related to the energy boost desired at parties and gatherings, but it can lead to negative effects as well. One too many drinks can lead to a dizzy, room-spinning, drunken stupor. Even if things don’t go totally “hugging-the-toilet” bad, alcohol makes it pretty easy to make an embarrassing mistake. This means it may not be your preference for family-filled events or partying with your coworkers. There are also usually after effects, like a hangover the next day, which generally results in a mild headache, at minimum.

Cannabis offers a solution appropriate for most events and parties, with none of the unfortunate side effects related to alcohol. Some companies and small businesses are even encouraging cannabis use in the workplace, reporting that in many cases it improves morale and boosts productivity. There’s enough compelling research to encourage you to incorporate cannabis into all your social events.

Several studies have shown that cannabis may actually be a treatment for depression because it is able to potentially stabilize moods and create an overall positive mood shift. Because cannabis is also known to potentially reduce anxiety and stress levels, it may be useful for calming nerves and promoting conversation during social events. Cannabis may also cause less cognitive impairments than alcohol, so you’re more likely to end up with a room full of laughs than of drunken stupor.

Incorporating Cannabis into Your Wedding or Bridal Shower

Weddings and bridal showers are one place where alcohol is usually utilized, probably to calm everyone’s nerves. Luckily, cannabis can add an elegant touch to any wedding event while also helping everyone loosen up and have a great night. Introducing cannabis to your wedding is a great way to fill the air with joy (and a pleasant aroma) with no need for an open bar or all those bottles of champagne. There are many ways to do it, so you can add some cannabis bliss to your event without sacrificing the picture perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Add Open Bud Bar to Your Wedding

A self-serve cannabis rolling bar is a great way to give adults the option to partake at their own will, while giving them plenty of variety to choose from as well. It may be a good idea to at least partially hide the bud bar away, or you may even want to designate a private room for the smoking sessions. This not only allows adults to smoke discreetly, but it keeps the cannabis away from guests who prefer not to partake and children who are attending your wedding as well.

You can hire a specialist to set up and tend your bud bar, or you can choose to go it alone. Pick a few great strains of cannabis, rolling papers, and lighters and set up a small “rolling bar” for guests to enjoy at their leisure. This is a great opportunity to incorporate themed ashtrays, lighters, canisters and other rolling supplies that match your wedding decor.

When choosing your cannabis selection, try to offer options that work for everyone. You may want to choose at least one strain from every category, including indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. You may even consider adding a low-THC, high-CBD strain for guests who have a low tolerance to THC but still want to enjoy the relaxing effects of cannabis. Label each strain accordingly so that guests can easily determine the best strain for them.

Try a Cannabis-Infused Menu

The menu is already the center of attention at weddings and bridal shower events, so infusing some items with cannabis could easily be a really big hit. Virtually any food item can become a cannabis edible (even the wedding cake), and many catering companies offer edibles as a special service. Your edibles could be anything from desserts, candies, drinks, to the main course. Of course, you’ll want to serve them as an appetizer or precursor to the main events since edibles can take one to two hours to kick in.

You won’t want to infuse every menu item with cannabis since you’ll want your guests to have options. Also, find a way to remind your guest that the edibles can take a couple hours to start working and that they shouldn’t indulge themselves on too many edibles in the meantime. Overdosing on edibles is not usually excruciatingly dangerous, but can result in some pretty uncomfortable side effects.

One way to avoid this possibility is to hand the edibles out as favors instead of displaying them on serving trays. Then you can decorate each goody bag with a note that explains what they are, how strong they are, and how long the guest should wait for them to kick in. Choosing low dose edibles, like candies or chocolates that are 1 to 2 mg each, is perfect for this type of goody bag.

Always make sure your guests know what they are consuming (especially since there are often kids at these types of events). To make them more accessible to every guest, choose an edible option without nuts, soy, or other popular allergens.

Give a Piece as a Wedding Favor

Many people look for something memorable and useful to give out as party favors at weddings and showers but end up settling for small trinkets instead. If you choose to incorporate cannabis into your wedding or bridal shower, though, you may want to consider giving a smoking piece as a gift to your guests.

Small quartz pipes are elegant and useful gifts for your guests. They come in a range of colors, making it easy to match them to your wedding theme. Small pipes fit easily into gift bags and can be engraved to offer a personalized touch. You may also want to add a gram of your favorite bud and a personalized lighter to the mix. Either way, a cannabis-filled party gift is a great way to send guests home with beautiful and useful memorabilia.

Incorporate Cannabis Games Into Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are generally famous for drinking-related games or party games, which makes them a great candidate for cannabis games instead. There are lots of great games that allow you to easily incorporate cannabis into these events.

Have a Joint Rolling Relay Race

Hopefully everyone at your party can roll a joint, and if not, they’ll have fun trying anyways. The “relay race” idea is incorporated into many party games because it’s a great way to incorporate the entire crowd and work as a team for your party victory. This relay race will require a pack of rolling papers, enough ground, dry herb for everybody that plays to roll a single, small joint (about .5 grams), a large table top surface, two lighters, and two even numbered teams.

Here’s how to play:

  • Split into two teams, with one team on each side of the table.
  • Each person will need a single rolling paper and enough ground herb to roll a joint.
  • Designate two people (one from each team, on the same end of the table) to go first. Give each person one of the lighters.
  • Both people begin rolling at the same time. One they are done rolling their joint, they light up and pass the lighter to the next person on their team.
  • The lighter acts as the “relay baton” and initiates the next person’s joint rolling. The game continues, with a lighter traveling down each side of the table.
  • The first team where each player rolls and lights a joint wins.

This is a great way to incorporate large groups of people and get everyone a hearty dose of THC, which may make it a fun game to play at the beginning of parties. It is important that you use only a small amount for each joint, especially if you plan to have more cannabis-related events, to avoid the chance of anyone getting too smoked out.

Try Cannabis Smoking Games

For birthday parties specifically, many of the attendees already know each other well which makes them great for smoking games that allow people to interact on a personal level. One popular game that can easily be turned into a cannabis smoking game is “Never Have I Ever.”

This game is popular at many social events and is often used as a drinking game. Swapping out the alcohol for cannabis can make this game much more fun and avoid any hangovers the next day. Here’s how to play:

  • Each person should have their own joint, blunt, bowl, or cannabis vape at the ready.
  • Sit in a circle or designated pattern so that everyone can see and hear everyone else in the room.
  • Designate one person to go first. This person should make true a statement beginning with “Never have I ever…” For instance, “Never have I ever been to a baseball game.”
  • Everyone in the room that HAS done it should take a single hit of their joint. In this case, everyone who has ever attended a baseball game would smoke.

This game is a great way to get to know each other better. It’s guaranteed to end in a room full of laughter and more than a few happy (and high) party guests.

Replace Your Favorite Drinking Games with Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Some cannabis companies produce THC-infused beverages, which work like other edible products to get you high and provide the joy-filled benefits of the plant. You can also find concentrated products that allow you to make your own THC-infused drinks in large batches, which means you can infuse your favorite beverage or party punch with cannabis’ psychoactive effects.

These beverages, like cannabis tea, are tasty and great for replacing any alcoholic beverages in your favorite drinking games. You could play pong, card games, or any other regular party game while enjoying the effects of your cannabis-infused drinks. Be sure that your guests are mindful of their consumption, though, since these drinks can take over an hour to produce effects.

Using Cannabis for Corporate Retreats

Yoga retreats are getting more and more popular for large corporations. Of course, there’s plenty of science backing up these yoga retreats and how they can reduce stress and increase productivity. There is just as much evidence suggesting that cannabis could be a great addition to these retreats, and there’s no need to remove the yoga!

There are several ways you can use cannabis within your corporate retreats, but three easy ways to make the addition include:

Using Cannabis in Ice Breaker Games

This is especially helpful in large corporate settings where every attendee may not know the others well. Icebreaker games are an age-old way to liven up the room and break any anxiety related to meeting new people. Adding cannabis to these games may help lower stress and anxiety levels even more and really get people to talk.

Here’s how to play one cannabis icebreaker, called “First and Last.”

  • Each person must have a cannabis joint or vaporizer at the ready.
  • Every person sits in a circle or pattern so that everyone can see and hear the other people in the room.
  • The first person must quickly introduce themselves with their first name and then describe themselves with three words starting with the letter “A.” Then the person should tell their last name. The dialogue will look something like this: “My name is Maggie, and I’m ambitious, ambidextrous, and adventurous. My last name is Morgan.”
  • The next person must do the same, except the must use the first letter of the previous person’s last name. The second person may say “I’m Thomas, and I am motivated, meticulous, and methodical. My last name is Simpson.”
  • Anyone who stutters or who cannot quickly come up with three adjectives must take a hit of their cannabis.

Serving Cannabis-Infused Snacks

All corporate retreats need a great menu and a steady supply of snacks. Cannabis infused edibles are a great option to promote relaxation and incorporate cannabis without making too much of a fuss. This is a popular way to incorporate cannabis because it doesn’t involve smoking, which may have some harmful effects.

Cannabis edibles can be virtually anything you wish. Many companies offer cannabis-infused gourmet meals that can be a really big hit for corporate events. Just be sure everyone is well-informed prior to the meal so that nobody is caught off guard with a surprise high.

Using Cannabis Infused Topicals for Spa Treatments

This is a great option for incorporating cannabis without the high. Cannabis-infused topicals have many benefits and can be easily incorporated into other spa routines used at corporate retreats. There are many products, like topical lotions, face masks, balms, and bath bombs.

Many companies have even incorporated marijuana into massage therapy. There are massage therapists that incorporate cannabis into spa sessions both by encouraging the client to smoke cannabis and by using topical products infused with CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids from the plant. This trend is increasingly popular due to marijuana’s ability to promote relaxation and muscle recovery, which may result in a more effective massage, making it perfect for a corporate retreat.

Light Up Holiday Parties With Cannabis

Whether you’re celebrating with family and friends or having a party at work, holidays offer a great opportunity to incorporate cannabis-fueled fun. Many professionals offer services that will help you host the best cannabis-themed holiday parties, but there are even ways that you can incorporate cannabis by yourself.

Have a Cannabis Dinner Party

A dinner party provides a solid foundation for any holiday, and weaving cannabis throughout the meal could lead to a night full of relaxation and good laughs. This provides an elegant, but casual way to incorporate cannabis into any holiday event with friends and family, and could even be useful for throwing holiday work parties, too.

You could cook the food yourself, adding in small amounts of edible cannabis concentrates, like cannabis infused butter, along the way. Hiring an expert to design your menu is another option, and may be the best option if your inexperienced with making edibles. A cannabis chef can help create an expertly microdosed menu, which means your guests can enjoy a full plate (or two) without getting too much THC.

Many companies offer expert services in this market, and will work with you to design and entire three course meal full of cannabis-infused goodies. This could include everything from dinner dishes to desserts, like cannabis infused ice cream or christmas cookies. Many offer traditional holiday foods as well, so you can serve up a roasted turkey basted with cannabis for all of your party guests.

Serve up Holiday “Mocktails”

Instead of a regular selection of alcohol-filled cocktails, try serving up cannabis-infused “mocktails” instead. Again, you can make these yourself (with concentrated cannabis “mixers,”) or you can hire a professional to do the mixing for you. In fact, some companies specialize in cannabis party beverages, and you can book an expert bartender to whip up anything your guests desire.

If you book a professional, you’ll get a wide selection of drinks, some garnished with cannabis gummies and other edibles. Whether your guests have a favorite cocktail or are looking for something new (there are many designed specifically to be 420-friendly), your expert bartender can swap out the alcohol content for cannabis every time!

Cannabis Themes for Bachelor(ette) Parties

Whether you plan to go simple or totally wild for their “last night as a free man (or woman),” there are plenty of ways to incorporate cannabis into the mix. Cannabis maybe the perfect way to spice up the night, without worry of a hangover on the big day. Plus, the long-lasting effects of cannabis may even work to soothe everyone’s nerves during the next day’s busy events. Here are a couple of ways to work cannabis into your bachelor(ette) parties:

Book a Cannabis Lounge

You’ll need a location for your event, and the easiest way to incorporate cannabis into any bachelor party is to book a cannabis venue. These venues are located in many areas where recreational cannabis is legal and host all sorts of events where cannabis is the main theme.

Of course, the amenities will vary by location, but many of them offer things like an open cannabis bar, dab bars, expertly designed menus, cannabis-themed decorations, and cannabis-infused cocktails. Some even offer extended services, like full body massages with cannabis-infused lotions and topicals.

Many of these locations will offer non-psychoactive cannabis options, like CBD products, which gives an option for everyone to let loose (including the designated driver).

Set Up Vaping Game Tables

Casino style game tables fit with table top vaporizers are a great way to keep your guests entertained and pleasantly high. The possibilities are endless, since you could design tables around nearly any multiplayer game, from roulette to monopoly.

Then, add a tabletop vaporizer or e-hookah to each table and load it down with a few grams of premium grade weed. Some e-hookahs have 4-6 hoses, so everyone at the table can have their own individual mouth piece to puff away while competing with friends. Many of them will hold quite a bit of cannabis, but you can always leave a refill canister at every table.

Vaporizers are great for indoor events, since they produce very little smell or fog. They also eliminate some of the factors of traditional smoking methods to produce a clean-feeling high.

Include a Canna-Chocolate Fountain

Cannabis-infused foods are always a way to go, but instead of incorporating it into each menu item, try a cannabis-infused chocolate fountain instead. Many companies sell bulk-quantities of THC-infused chocolates that are perfect for melting down and dipping with all of your favorite foods. Or you can make the chocolate yourself by adding canna-oil to your favorite melting chocolate.

Then, serve a full bar of foods to choose from, as well as skewers that make it easy to coat the snacks in the chocolate delight. Try adding foods that might enhance the high, like nuts or mangos.

Cannabis for Retirement Celebrations

Because of its lighthearted, relaxing effects, cannabis offers a great way to celebrate your coworkers or loved one’s retirement. You could add cannabis to the work party or opt to save it for a smaller celebration with family and friends. Either way, the euphoric effects are perfectly symbolic of the well-deserved years of relaxation to come.

Try a Cannabis Wine Pairing

You’ve heard of food and wine pairings, but many companies in the cannabis market are hopping on board the wine pairing trend, too. A wine pairing party is a great way to set a chill mood and keep guests entertained. This may be the perfect experience for new users and seasoned weed smokers alike, since it usually offers a shining opportunity to introduce new, exciting strains.

Plus, you can please a wider audience by adding wine to your party as well. Hire a specialist to create and present your wine and cannabis pairings, or do a little research to create your own. Hiring a specialist to present your wine and cannabis combinations will create an exciting, educational, and tasty experience for everyone involved.

If you decide to go it alone, remember you can even pair the couplings with food items as well. This might be a great way to please the palate since marijuana and snacks generally go hand in hand. The wine doesn’t have to pair only with cannabis flower either. Try pairing reds and whites with wax vaporizers or other mild-flavored cannabis products.

You’ll want to serve up your wine and cannabis in small amounts. This way everyone can get through the entire pairing without overindulging. This may be the perfect way to incorporate cannabis into your retirement celebrations, especially if your retiree is a fan of both cannabis and wine.

Take a Pre-roll Down Memory Lane

This is a simple, but memorable way to incorporate cannabis into the afternoon’s events. You’ll need to create a presentation of memories, whether it be short clips, photographs, or short notes of encouragement or congratulations. Plan a way to feature your presentation so that everyone can see, whether on a television screen or with a projector. If you don’t want to do a visual presentation, pull a selection of stories, notes, or memories from coworkers to be retold to the room.

Once everyone is seated, pass out your pre-rolled joints, wax pens, or other smoking mechanisms. If needed, make sure there is enough lighters to go around. Every guests will be able to cheerfully puff on their cannabis while taking a stroll down memory lane with the retiree and all their friends, family, and coworkers.

This may be best for events that are outdoors or have a well ventilated area. You’ll want to provide an alternative option for those who want to sit in on the film, but don’t want to partake in cannabis use. Cannabis will help calm the nerves, lighten the mood, an fill the room with laughter while your guests share a lifetime of memories to celebrate the retiree.

Like Any Substance, You Should Use Cannabis Responsibly

Just like alcohol or any other recreational substance, you should use cannabis responsibly. As the party host, you should ensure that your guests are provided appropriate information about what they are consuming in their cannabis-infused products. Everyone’s tolerance is different, so each individual should keep their consumption in mind.

You should never drive while under the influence of cannabis or alcohol. Remember that the effects of cannabis can last anywhere from 3 hours to a day. If you are the party host, you may want to consider providing transportation for your party guests after the night’s events.

Adding cannabis to your event is a great way to wake up the room and get people talking, without having to risk the negative effects of alcohol. There are hundreds of ways to do it, whether you want to craft it yourself or hire a professional cannabis service. No matter how you fit cannabis in, it sure to lead to an event your guests will remember.

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