Making Authentic Cannabis Cocktails with Zero Proof Drinks

If you love the flavor of a cocktail but are tired of the hangover and also want something healthier, read on.

We often prefer cannabis to alcohol for a recreational buzz.

With quick acting THC drops now readily available, you can get high just by putting them in any beverage. These distillation drops also have nano-emulsification technology to give you a high similar to smoking and less like an edible.

Making cocktails with cannabis drops is as simple as adding them to any type of liquid, but how do you get them to satisfy your cocktail cravings?

What are Zero Proof drinks?

The rise of zero proof drinks are non-alcohol beverages that actually have the taste and quality to sit alongside spirits and premium liquors in any bar.

Millennials are drinking less than they used to, which has prompted beverage companies to create new nonalcoholic drinks. These new drinks use herbs, spices, citrus, and veggies to craft unique flavor profiles.

You can enjoy your favorite spirits, beer, and wine without the alcohol when using zero proof versions. When making mocktails, use the the non-alcoholic version as a direct 1:1 replacement for alcohol.

Why use Zero Proof drinks in your cannabis cocktail?

Make yourself a drink using a zero proof alcohol (tequila, vodka, gin, etc.) and enjoy a nice THC high without any hangover.  At your next party you can offer your friends an alcoholic, non-alcoholic, or cannabis based margarita and everyone will enjoy the same taste. 

If you offer non-alcoholic options at your bar, they’ll be good for your cannabis cocktails or just if you feel inclined to drink something that tastes authentic but without the buzz.

There are plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives to alcoholic drinks, but these companies are making really delicious ready-to-drink zero proof cocktails and mixers so that you can come up with entirely new options by blending or even drinking straight.

Where do I get THC drops?

On our site you can browse the THC or Cannabis Delivery categories, as well as visit your local dispensary. 

You will want to start out by using a small dose so that you can control how much you’re taking. There are specific drops made for putting into drinks that are composed of nano-particles and are water soluble so that they mix into your beverage.

We recommend flavorless drops so that you can add them to any mocktail cannabis beverage and not affect the flavor profile.

Where do I get Zero Proof non-alcoholic drinks?

There are some well-known brands available online, including Ritual and Seedlip. If you’re looking for non-alcoholic drinks, you can visit and browse their latest Zero Proof Non-Alcoholic drink coupons

We won’t be surprised to see some of these brands showing up in your local grocery stores. We’ve already seen them in some local restaurants.


Just because you prefer marijuana to alcohol, doesn’t mean that you have to give up drinking cocktails. Get some water soluble THC drops, and continue making authentic cocktails with zero proof options. Impress your friends with premium cannabis drinks and at the same time, be able to offer non alcoholic mocktails to those who don’t want to feel intoxicated.


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