How to Get High Off Already Vaped Weed

Use Your Already Vaped Bud Again

Already vaped bud (AVB) is the dried, brown end result of vaporizing cannabis flower. Often, people overlook this as the leftovers of a good smoke session and discard it. However, AVB is far from a useless item. In fact, it can be made into a range of cannabis products that help get you feeling right while saving a few dollars in the process. 

If you’re wondering what to do with vaped weed, here are a few of the most common ways people use their AVB for additional cannabis enjoyment. 


Materials Needed:

  • AVB
  • A glass bowl
  • Mesh screen
  • Coconut Oil (Depending on the recipe)
  • Butter (Depending on the recipe)
  • Your Favorite Food Recipe
  • The needed kitchen equipment to make your favorite recipe

Estimated Time to Prep: One to Several Hours

What are AVB Edibles? 

AVB edibles cover both foods and beverages. While some may think of brownies or gummies, today’s market is packed with items — most of which you can replicate at home. With such a wide variety of products, how you use your AVB cannabis varies depending on the application. 

Eating and Cooking with Vaped Weed

The most straightforward application, and one that avoids cooking with vaped weed, would be sprinkling the AVB on food. This method saves time and eliminates cooking for those that aren’t so inclined. Since the cannabis flower has already been decarboxylated, its THC is active and can be used as an addition to just about anything you eat. 

The previously mentioned cooking component may take a bit more skill. While you need some culinary talent, the bar is rather low and should be easy enough to clear as long as you follow directions. AVB works well in both cooking and baking since it can be tossed into a recipe just as you would salt or pepper. Like other seasonings, be sure to start low and go slow. While taste may be ruined with too much salt, your night may be ruined if you overeat AVB.

The other classic food option involves infused butter or oils, namely coconut. Pour your vaped weed into the bowl with the oil and pour into a pot with low heat. Aside from the occasional stir, allow the oil to sit and let the low heat do its job. When the two have infused after a few hours, you should be left with oil and some plant remnants in the bowl. Filter the oil through a screen or parchment paper, and you’ve got yourself some AVB coconut oil.


If eating marijuana isn’t for you, a beverage may be a better option. If having a water-based drink, cannabis oil won’t work. Instead, you’ll need a tincture, more on those in the next section. However, a tincture isn’t necessary with AVB weed. 

Just like with food, add the vaped pot to your drink before running the hot water through it. Keep in mind that the taste of AVB cannabis may be unappealing, especially when combined with certain flavors or tea. Some recommend using a bold-flavored blend or additional flavorings to help offset the taste.


Materials Needed:

  • AVB
  • High-proof alcohol
  • Mason jar
  • Mesh strainer

Estimated Time to Prep: One to two months

What Are AVB Tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are extracted liquid products that are created using alcohol. Tinctures are popular for medical patients who prefer not to smoke, just as it appeals to adult use consumers. Vaped weed tinctures are excellent consumption options. They provide an onset time that ranges between the instant effect of smoking pot and the 30 minutes to two-hour window that often comes with edibles. 

How to Create Vaped Weed Tinctures

Making a tincture out of AVB is a process not meant for those short on patience. In all, the process takes a month or two and involves soaking your vaped flower in a dark container filled with alcohol. In the meantime, producers won’t need to do much. When the period passes and the alcohol has been infused, strain the liquid so that the final solution is free of any plant particles.


Materials Needed:

  • AVB
  • Empty capsule
  • Funneling device (Optional)

Estimated Time to Prep: Five to 30 Minutes

What are AVB Capsules?

Capsule-based consumption is a method that’s been on the rise in recent years. These products appeal to medical patients due to their similarity to common medicine, as do they to recreational consumers looking for a discreet consumption method with an onset time that rivals an edible. 

How to Make AVB Capsules

The process of makingto making an AVB capsule is quite easy. All you’ll need are empty gel pills and your vaped pot. Just fill the capsules with your AVB and cap it in place. Once secured, you’ll have THC capsules ready to consume. Since you’re working with a small space, it may be best to use a funnel or other pouring device to curtail large spills or AVB waste.

In some cases, others will turn their AVB into oil and inject the oil into the capsules. Which leads to the next suggestion…

What to do with AVB Concentrates

Materials Needed:

  • AVB
  • A rosin press or hair straightener
  • Parchment paper

Estimated Time to Prep: 30 minutes to over 24 hours, depending on the process

What are AVB Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are the end result of various processing methods that extract the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes and other elements. These extracted items are highly potent in THC content, often three or four times stronger than flower. Concentrates can be added to an array of cannabis products or consumed on their own. Today, concentrates can be found in everything from the previously mentioned capsule to the nail of a dab rig to inside an edible. 

How to make AVB concentrates

There are a number of ways to make concentrates using AVB. Some rely on chemicals like butane to do the job. This option, while successful for some, can be dangerous in a setting without the proper safety standards. Instead, a rosin press may be the best idea. In this case, a dedicated rosin press is ideal. However, the price point may be too much for some. If that’s the case, a hair straightener can do the job. 

In either case, take your AVB and place it in between some parchment paper. Then, apply an adequate amount of heat and pressure for the needed amount of time. The exact amount of each will be determined by the quality of your device and the amount of AVB you plan to extract rosin from. Once it’s extracted, scoop the golden oil into a sealed container and save for whenever ready.

Other AVB options can also help extend the efficacy of your bud. However, those mentioned above should more than do the trick for most. We hope this shows you just what to do with AVB so you don’t end up tossing away any quality bud. Be sure to store your AVB in a container that isn’t likely to spill. You don’t want all that vaped bud to go to waste now, would you? 

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