Everything You Need to Know About Full-Melt Hash

If you want the highest-quality hashish that money can buy, you want full-melt hash. Think of it as the filet mignon of the hash world. Like all hashish, this high-THC concentrate is made by extracting the resin from the cannabis trichomes and condensing them into a solid, highly compressed wax or liquid. But unlike regular hash, it offers nearly perfect purity.

What Is Full-Melt Hash?

Full-melt hash is a term used to describe the highest-quality hashish, the kind that contains few if any impurities. It’s called “full-melt” because it melts into a puddle of liquid when heated. If you’re still making hash at home using a pollen press, you’re probably not getting the real thing.

Full-melt hash is most commonly made using an ice water extraction process (so-called “bubble hash”) to minimize contamination and maximize filtration. While it is possible to get full-melt hash using the traditional dry-sifting process as opposed to ice water extraction, it’s considerably more difficult.

Some DIY-ers make their own bubble hash using buckets filled with ice water along with bubble bags for filtration. But this method typically won’t yield full-melt hash. In order to get the highest-quality product, you need a specialized hash-making machine with precise wash cycles and agitation settings. You’ll also need to use filtered water.

The Bubble Magic Washing Machine—available in 5- and 20-gallon varieties—is one of the most popular and cost-effective solutions for making full-melt bubble hash at home. If you buy it from Trimleaf, you can get 10% off plus free shipping with our coupon code SAVELIGHTS10.

Full-Melt vs Half-Melt vs Cooking-Grade

Hashish quality is graded using a 6-star system:

  • Full-melt hash is 5 to 6 stars
  • Half-melt hash is 3 to 4 stars
  • Cooking-grade hash is 1 to 2 stars


Full-melt hash is the cleanest hash available. It contains only trichome heads and tends to be more psychoactive than other hash varieties due to the uninhibited rosin concentration. It has a smooth flavor and throat hit, and a little goes a long way.

Just be aware that full-melt bubble hash commands a premium price, so expect to pay more if you’re purchasing from a dispensary. To maintain the purity of full-melt hash and get the most from your experience, we recommend that you dab using a quartz nail. You can also place a chunk of hash in your pipe or sprinkle it over your joint or spliff.


Most DIY hash is half-melt. It’s smokable, but it’s not premium-grade. It melts into a semi-liquid consistency, so you don’t get as much mileage as you’d get from full-melt.

Half-melt hash burns the throat a bit, but it’s enjoyable to consume despite the slightly dirty flavor. It contains moderate impurities, but it’s more affordable than full-melt while still offering a transcendent high. Because it doesn’t vaporize as well as full-melt hash, you may just want to crush it and sprinkle it into your joint or blunt. You can also load it into a bowl.

Cooking-Grade Hash

Cooking-grade hash is chock-full of plant matter like stems and seeds and is therefore not suitable for dabbing or vaping. As with half-melt, you can load it into a bowl or use it to twax a joint, but it’s most commonly used to make edibles—hence the name “cooking-grade hash.”

You can decarboxylate your hash and then infuse it into a variety of recipes, or you can just whip up some hash butter and make an assortment of psychoactive treats.

Full-Melt vs Other Concentrates

Full-melt hash is created by separating only the resin from the flower and then tightly compressing it into a pure concentrate. It’s arguably the purest concentrate available, and it typically contains between 20% and 60% THC. But hash shouldn’t be confused with other popular concentrates like wax and shatter—both of which are consumed using the same kinds of bowls and dab rigs.

Wax is a butane hash oil (BHO). It uses butane as a solvent to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. The resulting product is then concentrated into a solid, waxy substance that can be dabbed or smoked. Aside from the extraction process, the main difference between wax and hash is that wax typically contains a much higher THC concentration—up to 80%.

Shatter is also a type of BHO, but it has a golden, translucent color and a glass-like texture. Like wax, it can contain up to 80% THC and is one of the most psychoactive cannabis extractions available.

If you’re new to cannabis concentrates, your best bet is to stick with full-melt hash. It’s much more potent than a traditional joint, but it doesn’t have the face-melting qualities of wax and shatter. If you’ve been using full-melt hash for a while and are looking for a stronger concentrate, you might give wax or shatter a try.

Where to Find Full-Melt Hash

You can find full-melt bubble hash in dispensaries across the nation, but it won’t always be labeled as such. A knowledgeable budtender should know what you’re talking about when you ask for full-melt hash, but if they stare blankly at you, try instead asking for bubble hash or ice water hash. This will usually get you pretty close to full-melt. You can also browse THC concentrates coupons to find deals in your area and get hash delivered to your door.

If you take the hash home and find that it melts easily in your e-nail and offers a smooth, earthy flavor, congratulations. You got your hands on the good stuff. Enjoy it, and don’t forget to share the wealth.

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