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Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Large Freeze Dryer

USD$4,295.00 - USD$5,595.00

Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Small Freeze Dryer

USD$2,695.00 - USD$3,995.00

Harvest Right Commercial Scientific Freeze Dryer

USD$7,499.00 - USD$7,499.00

Harvest Right Large Commercial Scientific Freeze Dryer

USD$10,500.00 - USD$10,500.00

Harvest Right Powder Coated Small Freeze Dryer

USD$2,195.00 - USD$3,495.00

Harvest Right Stainless Steel Large Freeze Dryer

USD$3,695.00 - USD$4,995.00

Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Medium Freeze Dryer

USD$3,295.00 - USD$4,595.00

Harvest Right Powder Coated Large Freeze Dryer

USD$3,395.00 - USD$4,695.00

Harvest Right Stainless Steel Medium Freeze Dryer

USD$2,795.00 - USD$4,095.00

Harvest Right Oil Free Vacuum Pump For Freeze Dryers

USD$1,595.00 - USD$1,595.00

Harvest Right Powder Coated Medium Freeze Dryer

USD$2,450.00 - USD$3,750.00

EZTRIM DeBudder Indoor Hemp Bucking Machine

USD$7,999.00 - USD$7,999.00

Grow1 1-Piece Dry Net Drying Rack

USD$54.99 - USD$64.99

Grow1 Stackable Square 27'' x 27'' Drying Rack

USD$39.99 - USD$39.99

Grow1 Dry Net w/ Clip-On Levels Drying Rack

USD$59.99 - USD$69.99

Grow1 24 Clip Hanging Metal Drying Rack

USD$49.99 - USD$49.99

Grow1 1-Piece Dry Net w/ Zipper Opening Drying Rack

USD$59.99 - USD$69.99

Rosin Industries Pollenex 500 Gram Dry Sift Tumbler

USD$690.00 - USD$690.00

Rosin Industries Pollenex 150 Gram Dry Sift Tumbler

USD$490.00 - USD$490.00

Pollen Masters 500 Pollen Extractor & Dry Sifter

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Pollen Masters 4500 Extractor & Dry Sifter

USD$3,250.00 - USD$3,250.00

Pollen Masters 1500 Extractor & Dry Sifter

USD$1,350.00 - USD$1,350.00

Pollen Masters 150 Extractor & Dry Sifter

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Digital CureCork Herb Aerator

USD$299.00 - USD$299.00

Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler 1500 Dry Sifter

USD$929.99 - USD$929.99

Pure Pressure Bruteless Stainless Steel Bubble Hash Washing Vessels

USD$2,325.00 - USD$4,325.00

Stackable Square Drying Rack


5' x 5' Double T5 Fluorescent Grow Tent Package


5' x 5' 630w CMH Grow Tent Package


5' x 5' 1000w Grow Light Fixture Grow Tent Package


5' x 5' LED Grow Tent Package


E-333 Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier


EDV-2200 2 Pint Mini-Dehumidifier


EDV-1100 Petite Mini-Dehumidifier


Grow1 Wireless Weather Station with sensor


E-500 Mini Renewable Wireless Dehumidifier


Digital Temp Controller - Cooling


Rope Ratchet Light Hanger


Bud Drying Rack 8 Tier


Hanging Metal Clip Drying Rack


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