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Cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere, and it seems to be available in every form: oils, gummies, caplets, topicals, and even coffee. One of the newer and more unique formulations is the CBD cigarette. You may have noticed these peculiar products in your local CBD shop or dispensary and wondered what exactly they are and how they work.

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

To break it down as simply as possible, these consumables are pretty much what you would expect: cigarettes designed to give you a dose of cannabidiol. But while traditional cigarettes are made with tobacco and nicotine, CBD cigarettes are made with CBD hemp flower—usually with no tobacco or nicotine whatsoever.

With CBD cigarettes, you’re getting the full hemp plant—which includes the CBD and all other cannabinoids and compounds contained in industrial hemp. This includes trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana its intoxicating effect. But with hemp products, the THC concentration is too low to actually get you high. The purpose of smoking these hemp cigarettes is to get the benefits of CBD.

How Are CBD Cigarettes Made?

A typical CBD cigarette is made from CBD hemp flower, the raw plant material that provides the basis for CBD oil. Cigarette makers extract the buds, which contain most of the cannabinoids, and condense them into a leafy, smokable product that has a high concentration without being psychoactive.

What’s the Difference Between CBD Cigarettes and CBD Prerolls?

CBD prerolls are also gaining popularity. Both prerolls and cigarettes are filled with cannabidiol from hemp flower and designed to be smoked. However, whereas CBD cigarettes are made to resemble traditional cigarettes, CBD prerolls resemble marijuana joints—which is why they’re also referred to as CBD joints.

When choosing between CBD cigarettes and prerolls, it all comes down to preference. Prerolls tend to be smaller and slightly easier to conceal, but cigarettes attract less unwanted attention when taken out in public. If you prefer the look and feel of a joint, prerolls may be perfect.

Why Smoke CBD Cigarettes?

Smokable hemp is among the fastest-growing trends in the CBD market. People consume it to enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD, such as relief from anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and inflammation. While researchers haven’t definitively determined CBD to be an effective remedy for these conditions, a growing body of clinical research and anecdotal evidence indicates that the compound may have real promise.

Some users also turn to cannabidiol cigarettes to offset the intensity of high-THC marijuana strains. Some of today’s popular super-strains boast more than 20% THC and can have some pretty potent effects. If you notice your face melting off after a White Fire OG binge, you may be able to soften the blow with a CBD cigarette. That’s because CBD naturally counters the psychoactive effects of THC.

Finally, some users choose CBD hemp cigarettes because they enjoy the ritual of smoking but don’t want the tobacco, nicotine, or THC usually associated with smokable products.

Are CBD Cigarettes Legal?

Cannabidiol products are legal at the federal level as long as they’re derived from hemp and contain no more than .3% THC. This was clarified under the 2018 Farm Bill. Although the FDA has yet to provide specific guidance on so-called CBD smokables (like cigarettes), these products are not subject to the same restrictions and regulations as tobacco products as long as they’re tobacco- and nicotine-free.

It’s important to note, however, that even though you should have no trouble legally acquiring CBD hemp cigarettes, you might want to think twice before smoking one in public. If a police officer has probable cause to believe you’re consuming marijuana in public, you can be cited accordingly.

Depending on where you live, that may range anywhere from a small fine to an arrest. The problem is that there’s currently no field sobriety test that distinguishes between cannabis and hemp, so smoking in public can create some major headaches.

Are CBD Cigarettes Safe?

There is little to no research on the long-term effects of smoking hemp-based products. However, because hemp and cannabis come from the same plant, it’s reasonable to assume that the safety of smoking CBD hemp cigarettes is comparable to the safety of smoking marijuana. Hemp and cannabis refer to the exact same plant; the term “hemp” is simply used to classify low-THC strains that are non-intoxicating.

The biggest health concern regarding CBD cigarettes is the potential impact on the respiratory system. Cannabis smoke contains some of the same chemicals found in tobacco smoke, such as formaldehyde and ammonia. However, cannabis smoke has not been shown to contribute to lung cancer the way that tobacco smoke does.

Research also shows that the cannabidiol compound itself is well-tolerated in most users and usually has only minor side effects, including dry mouth, drowsiness, and reduced blood pressure.

What to Look For in CBD Hemp Cigarettes

As the market for smokable cannabidiol becomes larger, it’s important to be a discerning buyer and do your homework before shopping. When comparing brands and products, look for the following qualities:

  • All-natural (no synthetic or artificial ingredients)
  • Filtered (preferably with plant-based biodegradable filters)
  • Lab-tested (by a lab that meets ISO/IEC 17025 standards)
  • Made from domestically grown hemp
  • Tobacco- and nicotine-free

In addition, it’s important to be mindful of your dosage. Some cannabidiol cigarettes contain 20, 50, or more than 100 mg of the active ingredient. If you’re new to CBD, start with a low-dosage cigarette and work your way up to higher doses as needed. Novice users are advised to start with 5 to 20 mg of cannabidiol per day.

It All Comes Down to Preference

The therapeutic potential of cannabidiol is exciting for a number of reasons, but if you’re trying to decide whether smoking is the way to go, it all comes down to preference. If you enjoy the feel, the ritual, or the social aspects of smoking, these cigarettes may be an enjoyable cannabidiol delivery method. If you don’t like the feeling of smoke in your lungs, you may feel more at home with an oil or edible product.

If you’re at least mildly curious, give CBD hemp cigarettes a try, and decide if they’re right for you.

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